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3 decades.

29 and holding. But not really.

I, Evelyn, am now 30 years old.

I just got goose bumps.

That could be a result of...

the chill in the air.

Maybe I need a shawl. I suppose I better learn how to knit now that I'm practically ancient.

Somehow I never thought this day would come. But here it is. And it's time to accept that I am now an adult...ish.

No sense in giving up and reserving my spot in my local Bridge Club just yet. There's still a lot of life to live and I hope I can make the next decade even better than the last one. (Thanks Leah at The Dog's a Boy Too for the inspiration. I only hope I can be as ambitious as you are!)

Thirty Things to Do in Order to Thrive Through My Thirties
(I just can't resist alliteration. Gets me every time.)

1. Run a half marathon, as well as a bunch of 5Ks and 10Ks in preparation.

2. Hike something big, but not too big.

3. Learn to not care what anyone else thinks about me, except me and God.

4. Build up a stellar food storage and emergency preparedness stash.

5. Travel internationally, preferably Europe. And eat cheese the entire time.

6. Lose 100 pounds and keep it off. (I could see how some of these might contradict each other...We'll work out the details later.)

7. Make new friends, but keep the old. One is silver and the other gold.

8. Sing more. Especially in front of other people.

9. Learn to sew something that requires more than straight lines. At least what are supposed to be straight lines.

10. Go on a real family vacation. One with lots of detours, sight seeing, cultural experiences, potty stops, and whining.

11. Pay off debts. Dare I say, become completely and 100% debt-free?

12. Surprise my husband with a trip to Cancun to revisit his mission.

13. Buy a truck...for me.

14. Grow a garden. Minus the weeds.

15. Buy a house.

16. Then paint the house, knock down a wall, remodel a bathroom or a kitchen or something. And pretend to be hosting a HGTV episode the entire time.

17. Finally buy a fancy schmancy camera and learn how to put my fancy schmancy camera to good use by taking some decent fancy schmancy pictures.

18. Visit some famous United States' sites like the Anasazi cliff ruins, the Redwoods, the East and West Coasts, Mt. Rushmore, Lady Liberty, Washington DC, maybe even the Ellen Show.

19. Attend a family reunion for my dad's side of the family. Even if I have to plan one myself.

20. Read more books.

21. Help my children develop into amazing, genuine, successful, and caring young adults.

22. Learn how to make a killer fresh spaghetti sauce, among other things.

23. Write something profound, inspiring, captivating, thrilling, life-changing.

24. Learn to finally forgive myself and others.

25. Water ski.

26. Keep my marriage healthy and lively.

27. Learn how to hula, pop and lock, and waltz.

28. Get over my fear of killer whales.

29. Become consistent at being consistent.

30. Be more. More adventurous. More mature. More fun. More capable. More willing. More loving. More me. More you. More brilliant. More selfless. More reserved. More honest. More generous. More aware. More brave. Just...more.


Claire said...

Happy birthday Evelyn!! That is an awesome list of things to accomplish! I can even help with a few of them ;) let me know when you are ready for camera shopping and lessons :) hope you have a wonderful birthday!

Mamarazzi said...

You. Can. Do. All. Of. This. And. More.

trust me. i know these things.

J FAM Blog for the Soul said...

Happy Birthday!! I think that I may be a day late and a dollar short but I wanted to say Happy Birthday anyways! I too will be 30 this year..yes girl, 30, flirty and thriving...shake that thing...what are you doing to celebrate?? Any big parties or fun time with your hubby? I don't know what I'd like to do but 30 should be celebrated righteously!! I think if you've survived up until 30 you deserve a big fat cake with candles and ice cream!
Hope you had a great day!

aubrey said...

Happy birthday Evelyn! You can do it!

Jodi said...

Happy Birthday! It only gets better from here!:)

sarajo said...

Happy Birthday!

That sounds like a great list. Both of them. You have done so much! I know you can do the things you want to in the years ahead!

MiMi said...

You can do it! And you will!
And then you'll tell me how to do it too.

Sami said...

I can understand every one of these goals EXCEPT the running. You lost me there.
But you can do it! You can kick butt at all this stuff, and more.

Brittany said...

Awesome post! I am sure you can get it all done!

{leah} said...

Love the list!! I think that's what I"m going to refer to mine to from now on. Them: "why are you doing that???" Me:"because of THE LIST"

{happy birthday to you!}

Bethany @ Organic Enchilada said...

These are all great posts!! I need to do that camera one, too...among some of the others. You know, you could take care of that singing one IN A VLOG!!! Do you love it??

Lind Family said...

Happy 30th! I'll be there before I know it. :-/ By the way, I seriously laughed out loud when you suggested you needed a shawl! :-) Love you, Eve-lyn!

Katy said...

Remember I live in a bubble. What is pop and lock?

Myya said...

That is a fantastic list!!! I should have done soemthing like that when I was turning 30, I wonder if that would have motivated me more LOL.
Evelyn you are amazing & you WILL do all of these things & please rub them in my face & maybe it willl get me to do a few of them too :)

Happy Birthday to you, I hope that you had the most wonderfullest day evvvah!

Lisa said...

You actually made me jealous of turning 30 with that list! I want to write a list of goals like that! If you need any help with any of those, let me know! :)

Amy said...

I just made a list not as cool of that of things to do before I turn thirty this year. What an awesome list. Good luck with it.

shortmama said...

Your list is amazing! And I believe that you can really do all these things!

I so need to post a list like this..except before Im 40 because I cant go back in time...sucky


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