Three for Thursday: Thursday? Is that what that was?

Today's Three for Thursday is brought to you by the three blessed minutes I finally found to sit down and write. What a hairy crazy day. Much grocery shopping, laundry washing, kid losing, taxi driving, phone talking, homework supervising, bill paying, and various other -ings were done attempted to be done today.

A frustrating, but full day.

Three funny things I saw or heard today:

1. A woman in a convertible following me around the grocery store parking lot beeping her car horn at my two girls who were sitting in the toy car front of the grocery cart beeping back at her. The first time it was funny and cute. The second and third time...it was just kind of creepy.

2. The Smith's clerk stopping me to tell me how beautiful my children were and that she fully believed that Utah made the best looking babies. I didn't have the heart to tell her we're from Idaho.

3. The Costco clerk asking if Elle's dad was the milkman. Yep. He's from Idaho too.

Three things on my Christmas wish list:

1. A gym membership. Why don't you throw in a personal trainer while you're at it, Santa?

2. An Amazon gift card for a million dollars. That's not greedy. Not one little bit.

3. The gift of Time. Oh and world peace.

Three things that I love about my neighborhood:

1. My wonderful neighbors! I love when they drop by just to see how we're doing. I love the power fists jammed in the air as I jog by each night. I love the free delicious tomatoes growing through my fence. By far the best neighbors we have ever had.

2. The proximity of stuff. The school, the dance studio, the church, the Costco...

3. The great hills that "enrich" my running routine. I really really love them. So so much. :P

Three things that make me happy and sad all at the same time:

1. Chocolate. A moment on the lips. A lifetime on the hips.

2. Watching my babies grow up.

3. Weight loss. "Wow! It's amazing that I can do this! Wow. Why did I wait until I was 30 to realize this?! I've wasted so much time."

Three movies I like that have Elephants in them:

1. Jungle Book the cartoon

2. Jungle Book the not cartoon

3. Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom

Three pictures:

Mommy and Jeigh disagreed about what does and does not make a "cute" school outfit. Guess who won this morning?

Race Day with my sister. I did the 10K, she did the Half Marathon. So happy we could share the experience! Next year we're running the Half together.

This child will be responsible for 99% of my gray hair.


K Lind said...

Oh my .... it took me a couple seconds to figure out your last picture. I was like, "You consider an RV your child?" ;-)
I'm so proud of you for doing the 10K! You should mail me some of that inspiration you've got there!

Nicole said...

LOVE! I totally forgot today was Thursday, to tell you the truth. I'll have to continue your awesome tradition on my family blog if you don't mind, linking back to you of course! :) You're just awesome, mama. Have I told you that today?

Lisa said...

LOL! LOVE your post! :)

MiMi said...

LOL!! That picture of the kid on the trailer...HOLY CRAP.

Amy said...

Oh goodness, you always make me laugh. So much. Seriously. This is why we are friends. You make me laugh and I.... uh.... I.... tell you how funny you are?
I did not make it up the other day, but we should absolutely get together soon. Very soon. I will tell you how funny you are a lot, I promise. And I am so proud of you for running that 10K. Seriously, so impressed!

Carli W. said...

How in the world did she get on top of that RV??!!! I'd say gray hairs!


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