Three for Thursday

Three things I'm up to these days:
1. I finally started P90X. It's not so bad so far. Really.
2. Researching Celiac Disease and Gluten Free diets online.
3. I'm up to my eyeballs in dirty laundry and dishes. *groan*

Three movies I've watched lately:
1. My Name is Khan (I give it 4 out of 5 stars)
2. Lost in Austen (4 out of 5)
3. Red Riding Hood (1.5 out of 5)

Three of my favorite spices:
1. basil
2. cinnamon
3. nutmeg

Three things I'm counting down "sleeps" for:
1. My October trip to Texas to "meet" my friend Sami.
2. Thanksgiving. It's at my house this year!
3. My husband being safely back home.

Three things that get my blood boiling:
1. People who can't seem to find happiness in anything. Ever.
2. Pregnant smokers.
3. Short notice.

Three pictures:

More poisoned apples?

A good daddy is...
I drool every time I look at this picture.


Wonder Woman said...

I like your blood boilers. I feel the same. I saw Red Riding Hood but I really liked it. I liked that I couldn't figure it out. I REALLY like that Superman couldn't figure it out, either. 'Cuz he can always figure movies out.

I think I'm joining you this week!

MiMi said...

I still haven't seen Red Riding Hood...
I can't really get beyond the P90X thing....UGH. LOL

Impulsive Addict said...

I did P90X for all of 5 weeks. I couldn't make it. And I didn't do the diet. I may try it again but the yoga was loooooong.

I'm happy that you're going to visit Sami. I bet she's super excited!

Lisa said...

Love it! :)

Cannwin said...

I'm glad you liked My Name is Khan! Did you cry!? I totally did.

Nicole said...

LOVE! :) I miss doing your TFT on my WTE blog. I think I'll have to start doing it on my family blog sometimes, if you don't mind. They are so much fun! :)

We need to chat again soon, luv. I miss our daily interactions over WTE.


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