Three for Thursday: Staving Off the Nerves

My first 10K race is only two sleeps away (That’s how we track time in our house. Doesn’t everyone?) and I can’t help but be more than a little nervous. I know I can do it. I know I will do it. And I know how awesome I will feel after accomplishing that goal. It’s just the getting there part that is so darn nerve wracking. Wish me luck as I try to knock another physical fitness goal off my list and join me in another Three for Thursday as I try to distract myself from the gut wrenching nerves.

By the way, I'm simplifying things with 3 for TH a bit.
"Tis a gift to be simple! Tis a gift to be free!"

I cut the prompts down to five plus three pictures.
No prizes but the prize of having fun.
Sorry to be a Debbie Downer, but my tight schedule, husband, and bank account send their gratitude.

Three accomplishments that I have under my belt:

1. I ran my first and only 5K back in September 2009. It was just a measly 3 miles, but it made me feel like a super hero.

2. As of today, 50 pounds lost over the last almost 4 months!

3. Successfully keeping four beautiful children alive…so far.

Three things that my grandma and I have in common:

1. Names that start with E.

2. Bad hearing. I already know hearing aids are in my future.

3. A love of swimming, travel, and adventure.

Three plans for Labor Day:

1. Run my first 10K race.

2. Bathe in chocolate and Dr. Pepper afterwards. (Maybe…I don’t really want to screw up that 50 pound mark.)

3. Celebrate the birthday of my little brother who was coincidentally born on Labor Day. Labor and delivery on Labor Day. How ironic.

Three ridiculous things I have spent money on:

1. Cowboy hats that Joe and I wore one time.

2. Food. I HATE when you spend money on food and it just doesn’t taste all that fantastic. That puts me in such a foul mood.

3. Dumb boys in high school.

Three things that only time will fix:

1. My hair. When will I ever learn that cutting it short is not a good idea?! UGH!

2. The hazard zone my office is. I feel certain that if I simply wait long enough, it WILL clean it self up, right?

3. My biological clock tick tick ticking away in spite of being “done”. I hear the day that last baby is potty trained is a glorious day of freedom. I’m waiting to see.

Three pictures:

Good grief! She looks so grown up, doesn't she?

We saw this guy ahead of us and could not stop giggling.

Did I mention I FINALLY got my picture frames up? Umm...I never said anything about getting pictures in those picture frames...


Debra said...

YAY! Congratulations on the 50 pound mark! I wish you luck on your first 10K and I seriously love your frames.

Bethany said...

Your accomplishments - awesome. That is all.

MiMi said...

Wow. That motorcycle guy. Ick.
I can't get over the 50 lbs! So fast! :)

sarajo said...

Congrats on the 50 lbs! How are you doing it? I'm struggling to get back on that bandwagon.

Have a fun Labor Day! Sounds like lots of fun!!

Those are a lot of picture frames!!

Amy said...

Hahahaha! Your picture frames. Sigh. You make me laugh.
50 lbs?! You are amazing! I am so proud of you. P.S. What is your secret? I need to lose that kind of weight. But wait, not yet. Candy corns just hit the shelves and they are my all time favorite candy. Sigh.

aubrey said...

Way to go! And good luck on your race!

Wonder Woman said...

HooRAY for 50 lbs!!!!!!!!!! You TOTALLY should have included a pic of you in the post!! Though I can tell you've lost just from your profile pic.

I am so monster proud of you. Way to GO!!!

Also, your wall looks awesome. And bathing in Dr. Pepper sounds heavenly.

Creating Sarah said...

Good luck with the marathon! I'm so sad we're leaving that day. If we weren't, I'd come cheer for you. As you're running, imagine me screaming and clapping and jumping for you. You're awesome!

I'm excited to see 3 for Thursday back. I am putting my post up. Do you still need help with it?

Sami said...

*clears throat*
You probably don't remember me.
I'm baaaack!!!!
Love you, Lady! You're amazing! But I'm not really telling you anything you didn't already know, right????

teresa said...

girl, 50 lbs! rock on! that's awesome! i hear you about spending money on not-good food. we've been boycotting restaurants for that very reason.

it's fun reading your blog :)

Carli W. said...

I love the frames


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