How Do I Know?

Yesterday, the kids and I sat down to watch Enchanted.

Don't you love that movie? I catch myself laughing every time we watch it. I mean seriously... How did they know this is exactly what I look like when I clean house?? Uncanny!

Yesterday, I couldn't help it; I caught myself choking up a bit too. Blame it on those darn hormones coursing through my blood stream, but I couldn't help but think about my own "Prince Charming" during this song:

How do I know Joe loves me???

He may not sport puffy sleeves and thigh-high boots or carry a sword. He's not too keen on balls and dancing. You won't ever catch him singing in public (or in private for that matter). I doubt he'd even be willing to stand on a moving bus if we got separated in a crowd.

It's really the little things...

Like how every morning when I go to open our front door, it's locked because he made sure it was on his way out to work at 4 am.

Like how he never complains (out loud at least) about the piles of dirty laundry or dishes.

Like how I start telling him how worthless I feel and he just makes jokes trying to change the subject and knock me out of my little pity-party.

Like how he'll change a stinky diaper instead of waiting for me to do it.

Like how he sends me a text every. single. night. letting me know he's just gotten off work and will be home shortly.

Like how I tell him I need a date night and he never argues about it being a waste of money AND then how he ALWAYS lets me pick the movie AND the restaurant. Every time.

Aren't happily-ever-afters grand sometimes?

So, how do YOU know???


iamwoman said...

Love this movie so much.

We were watching a movie last night when a husband was attempting to go back to save his wife. His friend who was not attempting to save his wife said, "there is no chance-- don't go back." He said, "I don't have to tell you why I'm going back to save my wife and you don't have to tell me why you are not." I loved it because I KNOW my hubby would be the one who came back to save me. It's nice to know!

great post!

Lisa said...

I SOOOO love that movie! And so do my kids! We have to watch that song like 50 times every time we watch it! You have yourself a Prince there, that's for sure! :)

Jill said...

Don't you wish you could just sing, "ah, ah, ah..." and animals would come and clean your house? Love it! I know.... when I've been on the computer too long & he doesn't say anything about it.

Bethany @ Organic Enchilada said...

This post is so sweet! And you are a lucky girl to get to pick the movie AND the restaurant!

Myya said...

What a great post! I have that song running through my head now. Mine does the text thing every single day too. Just that little reassurance. Plus I can't ever really sleep when he isn't here. It is those little things for sure! My hubby is now working every night, our girls are more then a little bummed about this. He told me today to have them take a nap so that they could stay up late to see him when he gets home. He knows that this will make them happier all day & in turn make me a happier mommy.

Sami said...

I was reluctant to watch that movie for the longest time, because I thought it looked obnoxious. I did watch it though, and it is one of my faves!!!
I agree that it's the little things that mean the most. Roon always gets my nightly meds for me, along with a glass of ice water. I totally take it for granted until he's out of town, and I have to do it myself.


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