The One Where I Finally Get My Rear in Gear to Write about My Totally Awesome Red, White, and Blue Swap Package

Do I even go through the hassle of apologizing? I mean, come on, let's be honest...It's most likely going to happen again next week. So...no apology. On with the post...

Red White and Blue Swap

Swapping. It's just gotta be one of the best parts of blogging. Who knew grown-ups could have pen-pals, but better? I love a good swap and this one was gooooood. When I found out I was partnered with Sami from Symmetry in Motion I did a little fist pump in the air. This girl has a reputation, but a good one. The kind of rep you want as a blog swap partner. I seriously lucked out. I don't know if Mamarazzi knew I have been going through a rough patch and took pity upon me or if it was just fate, but boy oh boy...did I hit the jackpot of swap partners!

Besides, Sami is just fun! Read her blog and you will be buddies in no time. She has a great way of writing that is so personal. You just feel like you are sitting in her living room, chatting about life, watching your kids play, and sipping on something tasty. Love her!

On to the goodies!

As soon as I saw my box in the mailbox I could hardly wait to get in the house. I put my youngest down for a nap and sent the other two out to roam the neighborhood so I could open my box all by lonesome. Then I texted Sami to let her know I had gotten her box safe and sound. Yep. We're on a texting basis now. Who said blogging wasn't a great way to connect with people?! Oh that's right...my husband did. Haha! Well, neener neener, husband. The best part of this swap was gaining a great friendship! But...this beautiful box brimming with booty didn't hurt much either.

Oh Boy!!!

I just couldn't resist organizing my goodies. It was the Red, White, and Blue Swap after all.

So check this out. This girl did not skimp on presentation. Each and every single package was wrapped WITH a little original poetic verse. Sami seriously knows how to swap. I started posting all of them, but it just got too ridiculous to post every single one. Here's a few.

All in all, a killer red, white, and blue package. I loved how personalized she made my package, from the embroidered towels (WOW!) to knowing that Trident was my favorite kind of gum. She really did her homework!

Here's the package run-down:
*MONOGRAMMED! clear pantry jar crammed full of Kool-Aid packets
*Jolly Ranchers
*Gourmet M&Ms
*Handmade "America" plaque
*Frozen treat maker
*Christmas vinyl lettering (Fabulous idea for red!)
*Handmade name plaque with easel (Awesome! Even my husband was impressed!)
*nail polish
*water bottle
*B&B lotion (super grateful it wasn't vanilla! Way to go Sami!)
*Trident gum
*Embroidered! hand towels

I made out like a bandit, no?

Just couldn't resist breaking open the polish from the get-go.

So what if my kids were outside getting wet in the neighbor's pool and eating a swiped chocolate stash??? At least I got to open and savor my swap package slowly in beautiful and unhindered solitude!

Thank you so much, Sami! I sure hope you enjoyed your package as much as I did mine! And thank you Mamarazzi for hosting the Red, White, and Blue Swap. Count me in next year for sure!


Mamarazzi said...

i am seriously in love with that family sign she made for you! and YES i knew you needed an awesome swap partner moving is HARD and i KNEW Sami would not disappoint...and look, i was right!!

so happy your swap package arrived with all the RW&B Goodness!!

GAME SWAP sign ups happening on my blog now! don't miss out!

Sami said...

SO glad you liked it all! I mean, I already knew that, because I'm cool enough to be on a texting basis with you, but still...
I'm just relieved you didn't already have something like the plaque. Come to think of it, I don't have one, but I'm usually the last one to have all the cool things I can make.

♥ Noelle ♥ said...

sweet a** swap package!!!!
you got a great partner too:)

Myya said...

GREAT stuff!!! Sami is awesome & she soooo didn't dissapoint. So glad you got a good swappy buddy!!!

{leah} said...

L-O-V-E it!!! how fun!!! Swapping really has become an obsession!

yeah for good mail!!

Debra Joy said...

What a wonderful package! I love the plaque she sent you! It is so fun that it is personalized!

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