I like my new home for the most part
But there is one part
That drives me apart

That is...how it always smells like urine outside. All the time. How it wafts in through our ever-efficient swamp cooler. How it burns and wrinkles and offends my nose. And how it contributes to the queasiness of my already temperamental tummy.

But today...Today it's raining {!} and I am doing a native dance in hope that the heavens open wide and do their part

to wash that obscene odor far far away from my new home,

my little part
of the world.


Lisa said...

Oh how wonderful!!! I wish it would rain here to wash away the nasty smell of cows... and sheep... and the ever present hay wafting around that makes my hay fever kill. Oh well. So glad you have rain!

Patty Ann said...

Oh, I love the rain! After spending most of my life in the desert, I love it and appreciate it even more. There is nothing quite as wonderful as dancing in the rain!

iamwoman said...

ha! I really don't know if I am grossed out of relieved for you. Rain Rain, STAY!

Mamarazzi said...

we have cows here...the smell of poop and the FLIES nearly drive me crazy. there have been times when the cow poop smell literally wakes me from a dead sleep.

i heart the smell of rain!


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