Whistle While You Work

Don't you just love when someone loves their job and it shows?

Does it seem to anyone else that you come across so many grouchy, intolerant people in day-to-day transactions that finding someone who is kind and personable and willing to go the extra mile rare?

Today I came across a couple of gems and I found it so refreshing and delightful I couldn't help but feel it deserved a blog post.

I had an OBGYN appointment today and I walked into the office preparing for the worst. Since Joe was working, I had my three littles in tow (5, almost 4, and barely 2 years old). If much of a wait is involved it doesn't usually bode well for anyone: the fellow "waiters", me, or the three kids who are absolute pros at causing chaos and calamity...at least when we get out of earshot of the public, if you know what I mean.

Anyway! The wait wasn't too bad. I was prepared with books and good humor. The kids responded well. And then... SHE came in. I've never met a midwife before. I've heard the rumors of their glorious goodness, but could never testify of it myself...until today.

The moment she walked in the room, the world was set right. She warmly introduced herself, shaking my hand. And then instead of sitting down and getting down to business, she approached each of my three children, shaking their hands, asking their names and ages, and chatting a bit about this or that with each of them. She even kissed my girls on the back of their little hands. Wow! Brave lady. I mean, who knows where those hands have been?

Then she sat and talked to me. And I mean really talked. She treated me like a person and not a piece of baby-making meat. She showed me my chart and went over all the numbers and lab results and whatever else.

One complaint I have with the baby-delivering industry is once they find out you've already had a baby (or two...or three), they instantly assume you know it all and skip the details. Well, I don't know about anyone else, but my retentive memory is about as effective as a strainer holding tomato soup, especially since having babies. I forget a lot of stuff! I pull out my What to Expect book each and every time I am pregnant. I was so appreciative of this midwife being thorough without being condescending.

Through the appointment she sat comfortably instead of edging toward the door like so many doctors do. Whether or not she had somewhere else to be, she didn't show it. I was her priority and nothing else mattered. It really was a beautiful experience! Maybe this is normal for others, but after some of the experiences I've had, this was rare and welcome!

As the appointment drew to a close, she gave me a warm hug and even a kiss on the cheek. To be honest, that would probably kind of freak me out with anyone else I had just met minutes before. But for some reason, we were already fast friends and this was perfectly acceptable.

It was just so lovely to meet someone who was happy to be in the profession they were in! I sure hope this woman is on call when this kid makes its grand appearance. Maybe I'll have to cross my legs or hang upside down for awhile until she is.

After we left the office, we headed over to a little lunch spot that sells homemade soups, sandwiches, and baked goods. Forget how good the food is; I would go in just to be gushed over by the little ladies in this place. Every time I go there I swear someone is either going to feed me my soup, spoonful by spoonful, or lick their thumb and rub a smudge off my face. Talk about service with a smile. I love it!

These people who take their work so personally make such a great impression. I would love to tell them how they made my day. How their smiles, kind words, and professionalism with warmth left me so happy and cheered that I felt the need to write a blog post about it.

But... I could just picture what would happen.

You think I am a great writer? You should see me talk in person. Disaster with a capital D. It all comes out very mumbled, very cheesy, very red-in-the-face. This is one of the biggest reasons I never want to meet any of my bloggy friends in person. I love you all. I think you are fantastic. But sorry...I can only take this relationship screen-deep.

So, anyone have any brilliant ideas on how to tactfully tell someone you think they are the bee's knees at what they do??? Do you find that these service-with-a-smile stars are far and in between?


Patty Ann said...

I have found that a thoughtful, considerate card is a blessing. It is so appreciated. Sometimes, everyone needs to hear that they did a great job! Sending a card of appreciation to the office is always something that one of my kid's peditricians enjoyed. I have also brought a loaf of homemade bread and a bottle of homemade jam, but I think the note lasts longer and really shows that you cared enough to take the time to write.

iamwoman said...

I write it. There is something so tangible about pen on paper. The extra special thing about it is that the person on the receiving end can read it over and over, whereas a special comment often gets forgotten and can come out flustered.

You have a way with words...so use this vice with gratitude!

Oh-- and put it on pretty paper. presentation is everything:)

Jodi said...

I agree with you about how far sevice with a smile can go, especially in the OB/GYN's office! I had a male dr. with my first miscarriage and you would have thought all I did was stub my toe, the way he treated me. With my second one I had already switched to Dr. Shelley (woman) and she treated it more like I felt like it should be treated...with compassion and concern. She went the extra mile to figure out why this was happening and found the problem. There were even follow-up phone calls!! I'm so happy you had a wonderful experience - that's how it should be!

I also agree with the other comments about writing a nice card (that way they can keep it) and possibly delivering it in person with some goodies.

Anonymous said...

I've recently had this experience with a lady at the day-care place I take Evie to at the gym. She's so patient with Evie even though she's got separation anxiety to the max right now. I was so grateful one day especially to get a stress-free hour away from Evie I asked another employee if I could talk to a manager and they directed me to the comment cards they had. I wrote glowing praise for this woman and asked that if they had some sort of rewards program to please help me show her how much she was appreciated. I love when I meet people like that who are so honestly happy about what they do.

Bethany @ Organic Enchilada said...

I agree with the others - notes are great. A little card saying thank you for your whatever, tells the recipient that you were grateful enough to take the time to write it.

And you've made me kinda wish I'd gone the midwife route with one of my kids. Too late now, though! I hope the rest of your appointments are just as fab!

Myya said...

Do what you do best... write it down! You truly are a talented writer & having someone take the time to do so is just not done enough anymore. I am SO GLAD you have had such wonderful experiences, that is TOTALLY the way it should be!!!

Sarahie said...

Yeah, I also agree with sending notes. I always have good intentions to do that because I am not a good face-to-face communicator either.

By the way, both of my girls were delivered by a midwife. The first one, in particular, was a very traumatic labor for me, but the midwife was amazing! I liked her from the very start, but she sealed the deal then. She was calm and treated me like a human, even visiting me a couple of times after the birth to check on us, explain what had gone on, why it was complicated and why it probably wouldn't happen again. I absolutely loved her and would move back to pocatello just to have her deliver my babies. And, I was amazed that she was able to stay with me for almost the entire labor, like she didn't have other patients to take care of. I don't know how they do it, but they are great!

Sami said...

SO glad you had those great experiences!!! I feel the same way about meeting my bloggy friends in real life. I'd probably be a crushing disappointment.
I will parrot what everyone else is saying, though. Send a little note their way. I'm sure it happens so seldom, that they will be touched by the sentiment.


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