Prayers for Preslee

I am so overwhelmed after reading this. I could hardly read it through the flowing tears.

Preslee Sullenger, a little 18-month old girl, fell into a canal and floated two miles downstream before her body bumped into a farmer. He pulled her out and started CPR. She is now at Primary Children's Hospital in Salt Lake City, UT. Although she is alive, it is unknown if she will suffer brain damage or even survive.

It just breaks my heart and hits too too close to home. My little two-year old is sound asleep in her crib, but I just want to go in and sweep her up, hold her close, and cry and cry and cry. Keep this family and little girl in your prayers! And if you want to do more, go here.


Myya said...

My heart is breaking for this family. What a horrible tragic accident. My prayers are with this little one & her family staying strong. Miracles happen & I sure hope that little Preslee gets one!

Lisa said...

This story is absolutely tragic. Thanks for the note to check them out. I am amazed however at the power of facebooks and blogs... so many other people have checked in on them since I posted the same story yesterday. I'm sure this family appreciates the prayers. My favorite part of this story, though, was that Matt Staker - Bronson's dad, the little boy who drowned in the bathtub and survived 100% - has been in touch with them. Such an awesome thing in such a tragedy.

Jill said...

These sad stories always make me feel bad for getting upset with my kids for seemingly little things. Prays going out to them!

Sami said...

I cannot even imagine. I read this yesterday, and she's been on my mind ever since. She seems like a strong, determined little fighter though!
I'll be praying for her and her family!


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