Dear Someone

Dear Hanging by a Silver Lining Readers,

Did I mention how much I love you? Yep. I was so bold as to use the "l" word. It's absolutely shallow of me, but it warms me to the little fetus within to see that map at the bottom of my blog fill with stars each day showing that someone visited my little corner of the blogosphere. Thank you so much for coming, for commenting, for caring! It makes my day, every day! If only I could send each and everyone of you a little something-something...♥♥♥

Sincerely, Evelyn

P.S. If I may be so tacky, you can at least have my new little button (check out the right side bar). And an extra big thank you to Teresa at All4Speakers for not only creating it, but suggesting I have one in the first place. I LOVE IT!

... ... ...

Dear Commentators on my Bullying Begins? post,

I never expected to receive such an outpouring of concerned and conscientious advice. THANK YOU!! It meant a lot to know there were other parents out there experiencing similar situations. I appreciated the wise words!

Just to give you a little update: I did talk to Dee's teacher and she is on top of it. She is a great teacher and I trust her to do everything she can. We also began talking to Dee that he has every right to protect himself if the need arises. I was not really sure how to handle that part and I especially appreciated what you all said. Thank you again!

Dee-san's Mom

... ... ...

Dear 3 year old Neighbor Girl,

Can't you take a hint?! If no one answers the door after FIFTEEN (NO exaggeration here!) minutes of knocking at my door, windows, and up and down the side of my house, GO HOME! My kids are at school and the youngest one is trying to take a nap while I am trying to get some work done. I don't answer anymore because you never seem to accept my answers anyway when I do open the door.

Besides you're kind of a brat. I don't appreciate you spraying my kids with your hose every time they play outside, including my barely 2 year old little girl. I don't like your little yappy, nippy dog coming into my house. I don't want you taking my kids' toys outside anymore. I am tired of finding your shoes and toys all over my house and porch.

I am sick of feeding you lunch, serving you glasses of water non-stop, and providing you with a bathroom when your house is only a few yards away. Especially when I find the water running and my son's clothes dropped in the toilet after you are done.

When I ask you to leave my house, you should. I know I am not your mom, but this is MY house and I don't think I should have to explain to you over and over again why you need to leave when I say you need to leave. I know both your parents are home all day. I know you are well-fed and loved. So go home and eat and be loved and LEAVE ME ALONE!

Sign Me,
Beginning to Feel Like a Prisoner in My Own House and Too Afraid to Tell Your Parents How Crazy You Make Me

... ... ...

Dear Life,

You are all too precious and fleeting. We just discovered that you left Joe's cousin's wife the other day. She was only 31 years old and had two children (one under a year old). Her family thought she only had the stomach flu and let her rest. Her husband was laying by her in bed when you quietly abandoned her, leaving her family mother-less and wife-less. I am ever-grateful that you choose to stay here and I wouldn't mind if you felt so inclined to continue staying for a very long time. I can see I take you for granted all too often. I am grateful for you and hope I make the most of you after hearing this tragic news.

Contemplating the Great Mysteries of You

... ... ...

Dear People Who Have Asked if I Know What I'm Having Yet,

Nope. But by the 17th of September, I should.
(Don't be modest, baby!)

Hoping for a Man-Child

... ... ...

Dear Long Hair,

That's it! I can't take it anymore. I realized the other day that I couldn't even remember the last time I had the opportunity to spend some quality time with you. How long has it been since you've felt the warm draft of a blow dryer or the curl of hot rollers? Exactly. Looks like we have very little use for each other anymore. Joe may miss you once you are gone, but you are too high-maintenance and these four kids are sucking all the maintenance out of me. Time to make the cut.

The Girl with the Eternal Sloppy Ponytail

... ... ...

Dear Joe,


Love, The Neglected Long-haired Wife for Not Much Longer

... ... ...

Dear Rainy, Cold Day,


Warm regards,
Sitting Inside, Snuggling Up, and Sipping Chocolate

... ... ...

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Jocelyn said...

I love little letters:-) Cute post!

Jodi said...

So sorry about Joe's cousins wife. I also take life entirely too much for granted. My mom had a small heart attack this past week and I think it scared us all into remembering to enjoy the precious time we have together. She's doing just fine now, by the way.

Enjoyed the post. Hope you're feeling well and I'm glad Dee's teacher is on top of things!

Lisa said...

Love it love it love it! Good luck with the neighbor child. The kid here has actually caused both me and my friend (his next door neighbor) to want to move. Sad. And I AGREE about the hair thing. I think I'm going to have my friend cut mine today!
Also - condolences on the cousin. That is terrible.

Terésa said...

Cute post idea... I uh.. stole it! Go tell me what you think. ;)

iamwoman said...

This was such a great post. i was laughing and frustrated then I wanted to cry at (the one you know I am referring to)the same time...

love it;)

Myya said...

Awe we love you too!!! I'd love to take your button, but seriously I am an idiot & I don't know how. There are so many that I want to add to my blog. I need to get my friend Macey to help me I think. I want one too! Yay for Dee's teacher being on top of it! I hope it all gets resolved quickly! Uggghhh bratty little neighbors, there are just some kids that have that ability to drive you nuts! The Dear Life letter made me cry. That just breaks my heart. I can't imagine & feel sooo sad for her family that is left without her. I'm with ya on the long hair. Now if only I can find the time to go get it cut. Sigh.

Carli W. said...

That's really sad news about your husband's cousin and his family.
I just cut my hair because I was a ponytail mama too...it wasn't worth it. After having long hair for 9 years, it's been a tragedy having it short. It's driving me nuts always getting in my face because....I can't pull it into a ponytail anymore! Good luck with your remedy though. As for me---I'm growing it back out as fast as I can!!!

Mamarazzi said...

GREAT letters...i am thinking of writing a goodbye letter to my hair too...

Patty Ann said...

Great post. It was interesting and unique. I am so sorry about your husband's cousin and his family.

shortmama said...

So glad that the teacher is on top of things! That is always a huge plus...thanks for linking up!

Sami said...

Your neighbor girl! What a pain! We had kids coming to our house all the time when we first got a trampoline. It got old, real fast.
So sorry to hear about your family member! That's just one more reminder of how fleeting life can be. Do they know what happened? Her husband and children will be in my prayers.
Can't wait to find out what you're having!
I have the same argument with my hair! We seem to get along better when it's shorter, though!


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