The Absent-Minded Traveler

Last week it was my phone charger.

He accidentally grabbed mine instead of his, accidentally packed it in his suitcase, and then accidentally flew 1,839 miles to Georgia with my phone charger as his companion.

But it was just an accident. And a funny accident at that. We got a good chuckle out of it, especially considering what a habit he's making of buying new phone chargers in exotic lands like Wyoming and Arizona. I believe his current count of new cell phone chargers purchased in late night haste at 24 hour Super Walmarts is up to 3 now.

Funny, but "Please Dear...send me back my charger so I don't have to be both husbandless and phoneless for a whole week."

As he packed for his trip this week we joked about how he has learned his lesson now and will never make the mistake of packing my charger again.

And he didn't.

Instead...he packed my pants.


Cannwin said...

haha funny!

But for an FYI lots of hotels have a habit of keeping old chargers that get left (cuz they get left ALL the time) and will have a nice little stash of them at the front office. Before he goes and buys one again, have him call down and ask. :)

MiMi said...



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