Sister, Sisters

Today I am grateful for sisters.

I spent the entire day with my sister, Erin, who lives a mere 30 minutes away and was in desperate need of some adult time.

As our children ran around my house we sat and talked about our childhood memories. We swapped tips on local grocery deals and clipped coupons. We rolled our eyes at the things our husbands do as we professed our gratitude that they saw past our dorkiness and actually wanted to marry us.

We made Christmas plans and wondered about the future of our aging parents. We debated the pros and cons of sister wives as we fed seven hungry children. We ate leftover Halloween candy and coaxed little ones to smile for the camera.

It was a long full day of sister time. Time I no longer take for granted now that I have spent a few years living far far away from "home".

I love both of my sisters. Erin and Camille.

 I'm grateful for the companions they were in childhood and remain to be as we stumble through adulthood, parenthood, and onwards through sisterhood.

From climbing trees, giggling in our bunkbeds late at night, and dancing in the basement to swapping babysitting, sharing recipes, and laughing over sushi. The calenders and faces are changing, but the fun and love is ever the same.

I look at my three little girls and can't help but smile with the anticipation of their forming sisterhood.

They will learn as I have learned that sisters are one of the dearest things we can have in this life. I hope they hold tight to their sisters no matter who steals who's clothes, no matter what friends may come and go, no matter the distance or time that separates them.

Sisters will always be there. Teasing, listening, provoking, cheering, advising, competing, gossiping, remembering, suffering, lifting, laughing, loving as no one else can.


K Lind said...

Awwww! What a sweet post! Makes me wish for a sister! Love you, lady!

Myya said...

I love this post, LOVE IT! I couldn't agree more with every single word you said. I too am SO VERY THANKFUL for my sisters!

Bethany said...

So well written, Evelyn. I also have two sisters that totally made my childhood, and who I adore even more in adulthood. Your girls are so lucky to have each other!

Now, about Deacon. How's about a brother for the poor boy?

Creating Sarah said...

Oh, you got me! I miss my sisters so much and I felt every word. Sisters are truly a beautiful thing!

Lisa said...

LOVE it! And your 3 girls are SO STINKING CUTE!!! Unfortunately, I don't have sisters and so cannot relate. But it sounds fabulous. :)


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