Three for Thursday: Just Doing My Thang

It's Thursday and time for another Three for Thursday! Not much going on here. I'm just a mom doing her thang. And yes I spelled it "thang". Hope your Thursday is similarly...normal.

Three things I stole borrowed from my kids’ Halloween candy stash:
1. Butterfingers
2. Kit Kats
3. York Peppermint Patties

Three things I buy that have to be name brand:
1. Crayola crayons. Nothing beats the classic brand.
2. Cheese. Tillamook Cheese. Blocked, not stringed.
3. Trident gum.

Three things I spend more than fifteen minutes doing every day:
1. Debating whether to get out of bed now...Or not yet...
2. Dee's first grade homework! *groan!* head--->desk
3. Waiting in the school parking lot as my very social little kindergartner wishes the entire morning kindergarten class and their parents and siblings and their dentist's sister's uncle's first cousin twice removed a very fond farewell. Sure wish I could convince that child she will see everybody again tomorrow.

Three things that put me in a fantastic mood:
1. Loud music!
2. Running!
3. Rain and snow storms!

Three things I do that a grown woman has no right to be doing anymore:
1. Running up the dark stairs as fast as I can so the Boogeyman doesn't get me.
2. Using words like "thang".
3. Spilling everything I eat on myself.

Three pictures:
I call this picture..."Obsession".

I ask you, Does it get any cuter than this? I submit, it does not.

Our pineapple from Bountiful Baskets. "Bountiful" isn't exactly the word that came to my mind.
P.S. Today I am grateful for all those bloggers out there who play along with my silly little meme. Make sure to leave your link below so I can come visit. Cheers!


Heather Johnson said...

Here is my Three for Thursday http://parentingpatch.com/three-for-thursday-volume-2/ that was inspired by this fun post!

Nicole said...

Ah, a woman after my own heart! I love Kit Kats and Butterfingers and York Peppermint Patties too. And I agree, it doesn't get much cuter than your sweet girl! :) Here's my link: http://www.whattoexpect.com/blogs/astudentatmamauniversity/stressed-out-mom-takes-a-three-for-thursday-breather

Missy0327 said...

Hahahaha!! I still run up the dark stairs, and past dark hallways from the boogeyman too.
Alas, I have a paper to write, so my blog is not here. But I wanted to share the boogeyman trauma with you!!

Patti said...

I love the pic of your sweetie ready for dance. Love seeing her there every week too! I gave the "three" a shot - here's mine! http://theivs.blogspot.com/2011/11/three-for-thursday-trying-it-out.html

Enyo @ Motherhood Looms said...

Mmm... Butterfingers. You know, we don't have any of those. I might have to fix that. (We have Crispy Bars, which are a Cadbury version... and not as good.) Here's my 3fTh:


aubrey said...

Dang! I forgot to check for Peppermint Patties... I only saw Stinky eating one though...

Mom does 3 for Thursday

K Lind said...

I totally had to steal one of your answers! Oh, man! I totally forgot butterfingers. THose are a must in my book!


Creating Sarah said...

Oh, Tillamook cheese! I had almost forgotten how much I love Tillamook cheese. It is nowhere to be found out here. =(

Here's my link!


Lisa said...

What adorable kiddos! And how in the world does Dee play with those gloves on???

MiMi said...

That pineapple cracks me up!
Your kids are adorable!
And I run down the hall in the dark like satan himself is after me.


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