Skool iz rill kul

In my quest to express my gratitude this month I choose to pick on our education system. The gratitude will come later. For now I can't help but share this bit of the kettle-calling-the-pot-black...or however that culinary saying goes.

This is a spelling test that my six year old first grader Dee brought home a few weeks ago.

Can anyone tell me why I was almost doubled over laughing with the irony of it?

All joking aside...I really am grateful for the public servants who take on educating our children. Every now and then I go through the inner debate of taking on homeschooling my children and every time I decide it's just not for us.

Thank goodness there are wonderful people out there who have recognized a talent for teaching within themselves, dedicated themselves to learning how to guide children, and then sacrificed all hopes of lavish salaries to work day after day molding the minds of our young ones. Sure, I've questioned if a few people really should be in the education system, but for the most part I appreciate those who help me in creating intelligent, noble, and wonderful little human beings.

thank you teachers!--I mean: Thank you, Teachers! ;)


Cannwin said...

haha! Lust! Too funny. Ev, this is the first thing to make me smile today, thanks. :)

MiMi said...

Reading that makes me want to take a nup, so bad!

Packer Family said...

Lust and Nup are funny! Is there another mistake I am missing?

Sarahie said...

Haha! Your "thank you teachers" made me laugh. =)


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