Thrift Store Thoughts

I've been a busy little bee working to get my house in shape for the holidays. For the first time ever, we're having Thanksgiving and Christmas at our place this year. I'm so excited to share my home with all of our family, but only if I can get it looking presentable.

Through my cleaning and dejunking I collected several bags full of things to donate to our local D.I. (Deseret Industries). Today I made the drive over there with every intention of unloading some extra clutter. I handed over about half a dozen garbage bags, drove the car around the back, and found myself parking in the front. Let's just take a look inside, shall we?

I can't resist thrift store shopping. There's something exhilarating about finding a treasure in the trash heap. Something enticing about giving discarded items a second chance to be loved, used, and appreciated. Today we found several toys in spectacular condition! I know Christmas is right around the corner but I just couldn't resist.

I purchased all of these and a few other items for about $15! With the help of some Lysol disinfectant wipes they are as good as new. In fact, if my children hadn't been right by my side finding these goodies with me, I could have used a few of these as Christmas gifts.

Only...when it really comes down to it...I just can't do it.

Used thrift store goods as Christmas presents???

I don't know. I can see the practicality and thriftiness in it. I know in a ever declining economy this would be a great way to make Christmas happen. But I just can't do it. It just seems so tacky to me. So...brutal. I can just picture it now: My children telling their therapists about their used Christmas gifts and how the downward spiral was perpetuated by the realization that they just weren't good enough for "new". And while I don't believe that my children are entitled to lots of big, expensive toys, I just don't think I could look them in the eye on Christmas morning knowing they just opened up someone else's "junk".

And for the record, I don't mean to sound like a snob either. While I get fidgety about gifting from the thrift store I certainly have no qualms about buying toys, clothes, dishes, and other goods for my self and my family from the thrift store year round.

I'm curious to hear what others think about this. Do you or would you buy thrift store items to give as gifts? Whether for children or adults? And in turn, what would you think if someone gave you a thrift store item as a gift? Like a wrapped "Here! I thought of you!" gift?

Don't be shy. Give it to me straight.


Jodi said...

Cool finds - love the cradle!

My mother in law is the thrift store queen and has helped me learn the joy of thrifting, although I can't spend as much time there as she does!

I have and will give my kids thrift store gifts for Christmas - but only the ones I find that are like new - some still have the tags on them. I've never spend much on Christmas but my mother in laws motto is "make a little look like a lot" (She had 9 kids so she knows how to do that!) My kids get several brand new store bought things, including their gift from the big guy. Then I also wrap several thrift store things and it looks to them like they are getting a lot and they've never known the difference, or they haven't let on if they have!

It's so funny how my attitude has evolved on this subject - I used to be embarrassed about going into a thrift store, but now I love it and my kids love being able to spend their hard earned money on several things at the thrift store instead of just one thing at a more expensive store.

However, because of stores like Walmart and Target and their cheap prices, I can get brand new shirts etc for $3 which is sometimes cheaper than what I can find at the thrift store so I try to watch carefully!

Anyhow, those are my thoughts! Have a good one!:)

Kristine said...

I will and have given thrift store gifts to members of my own immediate family for bday and christmas. A toy is a toy is a toy.

Other ppl - not so much.

Kristine said...

I meant to say I don't give DI to others, one, because everyone's so easily offended these days - and two, because I suck at gift giving so bad -- I just opt for gift cards if i can!

Debra said...

I for the most part agree with you, I would never give a used gift to my husband or other people and mostly never my child. This year I am forgoing that a bit, if I had stuck to brand new items for her dress up box I would have been able to buy one or two dresses that would fall apart really easily, shopping at the thrift store I was able to get her a whole box of great sturdy items. I hope she will love it.

Rochelle and Jonathan Cardell said...

The majority of Julianna's presents we have bought second hand and I have no problem with it, she loves them either way but at the moment we are safe in that she doesn't know the difference. I think it may change in a couple of years.

Jocelyn said...

I am a huge thrift store junkie. In fact most of my kids school clothes came from Goodwill this year. Hooray for saving money! I am with you on the gifting of thrifting...just can't do it! If it is going to be a gift, I feel better knowing that it is brand new. But any other time, thrift store stuff is the bomb!!!

Officerswife33 said...

I am a-ok with used toys as gifts... and not just when I buy them. I totally don't mind others giving my girls gently used gifts. I've actually written a few different posts on the topic and why I am ok with it, if you are interested.


MiMi said...

I wish I could bring myself to gift thrift stuff too...


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