Three for Thursday: Back from the Dead

Turkey Tail Feather / Don Van Dyke
It's Thursday again! Maybe that is nothing remarkable to you, but Wednesday morning around 4 am as I was leaning against the wall in my bathroom praying my children wouldn't find me unconscious or dead I was beginning to wonder if I would ever see another Thursday again.

Sparing you most of the gory details, let's just say Panda Express and I are through. For life. And not to slander Panda Express because it wasn't food poisoning that affected me so, but it just happened to be my last meal before...well, you get the idea. And now I can hardly type the words Panda Express without dying a little inside.

Moving on! 

Three things that I am grateful for from the year 2011:
1. Neighbors. I know, I know. I'm getting a little obnoxious with the I-love-my-neighbors thing, but they came to my rescue again yesterday when I called upon them for a priesthood blessing and help with my children. I am so grateful for good people!
2. Baby Cee. She was born right at the beginning of 2011. How I love this gorgeous, sweet baby of mine.
3. Getting laid off from my job. A few months ago I couldn't have said this, but I have finally been able to see what a blessing me not working has been for my family and home. Suddenly I have more time in my day. My house is cleaner, my children are happier, and I am more satisfied with how I am fulfilling my duties as "mama".

Three things “I’d rather not”:
1. I'd rather not give the kitchen table and chairs the deep down exfoliating scrub they so desperately need but that will require ninja skills and an exorcism to complete.
2. I'd rather not plan the Thanksgiving menu right now. My stomach just isn't up to it. Yet.
3. I'd rather not talk on the phone. Like ever. I really hate phone conversations. I freeze up. I can't hear. I would really just rather not ever use it for talking into.

Three Thanksgiving plans, traditions, or memories:
1. Plan: Cook my first gluten free Thanksgiving feast. Wish me luck!
2. Memory: A bird pooping on my head while I was hanging off the side of a moving suburban.
3. Tradition: Eat. Lots.

Three sneaky things I do:
1. Add spinach to the morning smoothie.
2. Watch the garbage man between the window blinds to see if he's irritated about my overly full garbage can.
3. Eat chocolate covered pretzels in the kitchen as quietly as I can while my children watch TV in the next room.

Three things that I missed the boat on:
1. Pop culture. Friends, Frasier, Lost, Harry Potter, Twilight, The Wonder Years, The Office. If it's popular I probably didn't read it or see it until it was all published or airing the final season.
2. Sushi. I didn't get brave enough to try it until a couple of years ago. Oh the years wasted!
3. Natural childbirth.

Three pictures:
Why wouldn't it surprise me to see Lady Gaga in this outfit?

Four of my greatest blessings

Thanksgiving 2009 in Arizona. Too small and too quiet. How grateful I am that we are close to family again.


MiMi said...

I would rather not do anything with Thanksgiving right now.
**runs screaming from the room**

K Lind said...

I'm glad I'm not the only who has missed the pop culture boat. :-) I linked up!

Parenting Patch said...

Haha! Glad to see I'm not the only one who doesn't like to talk on the phone :)


With the gift of hindsight, i am also thankful at being laid off, again. I also have a rule, call me a leave a message (I won't answer the phone) If it is an emergency I will call back, if not expect a text or email...my family thinks I am ridiculous


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