Dear Santa

You blog these days, right?

I thought I'd cover my bases just in case. I bet you Twitter too, huh? I thought about sending out my list there too, but you won't find this girl twooting or twitting or twitterpated or whatever the whippersnappers are calling it these days any time soon. I'd like to think I have some standards.


In case you were wondering, I have been...decent this year. I may not be in the market for a new car or anything, but I'm definitely not due for some coal any time soon.

Let me just get to the list.

* A set of knives. Like kitchen knives. Good ones that will transform me into a culinary genius. By the way, Joe's asking for guns. This is simply coincidental. I promise our marriage is in good form.

* A couple of non-stick skillets. My family is getting tired of finding flecks of non-stick stuff in their dinner.

* One long, hot, and uninterrupted shower. No company. No audience. No whiny kids. No worries about children destroying the house, cutting each other's hair, or dumping out dish detergent.

* Books. Books are always appreciated and loved.

* A pair of tall Ugg boots, preferably dark brown, minus the Ugh! price tag.

* A box of See's chocolate. You remember NO coconut or white chocolate for me, right Santa?

* One kid-free date night. Just me and my hubby, staring deeply into each other's eyes over a basket of cheese biscuits and a seafood supper. A movie afterwards wouldn't hurt either. And if you think I've been really good this year...those theme-room hotels seem kind of fun. Babymoon what??

* One hot postpartum bod complete with a maniacal metabolism.

* A house minus the wheels plus a fenced yard.

Am I just getting a little greedy now?

Tell me, Santa... Did you laugh a bit too when you got my kids' lists? Like when Jeigh asked for "a Barbie with a brain" or when little two year old Elle asked for "a friend"? Aren't they cute, Santa? They've been pretty good this year, but I think I should get extra points just for being their mom.

Merry Christmas! Tell me, what are YOU asking for this year???


Myya said...

How is it that our lists are almost identical??? Dang, that shower sounds soooo nice! : )

Lisa @ Angels Faces said...

LAUGHED OUT LOUD! that you and Joe are asking for knives and guns... frankly the thought I entertained was not about your marriage but more about your children. Can you tell what frustrates me these days?
PS - is there a See's near me? Cuz if so I will definitely send you some! :)

Jodi said...

I'll be asking for peace on earth, good will for men. Just kidding! Your list sounds pretty good, maybe I'll just print it out...

Patty Ann said...

I am not asking for anything this year. I bought a camera for myself that is a new digital and I love it. It is my Christmas present for at least the next five years. I love that about my husband. He lets me get what I really want and say it is from him.

MiMi said...

Hot shower...See's Candy...Books. That sounds like my list!! :)

Jeigh said...

Barbie with a brain?!? I think you need to have a serious talk with little Jeigh and explain that although Santa does from time to time manage some pretty amazing Christmas morning miracles, even he doesn't have that kind of power.

And I'm totally with you on the house without wheels. *someday*

iamwoman said...

LOL. I hope you get something on your list! You are totally deserving, my dear.

Sami said...

I don't have a See's close to me, or I would totally send you some with your SS prize! I hate coconut and white chocolate too. I'm sure you're surprised that we're alike, right?
I also desperately need new knives. Turns out, the crappy set I got for my wedding 10 years ago, did not succeed in making me a culinary genius! Darn knives!

Barbie with a brain?! That's fantastic!

shortmama said...

Chocolate covered cherries, hot body, books, a bigger house on flat land....a girl can dream

Mamarazzi said...

i hope all of your Christmas Wishes come true!


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