Christmas Cards a la Shutterfly

Remember what Christmas time was like as a kid?

It took f...o...r...e...v...e...r for Christmas to come.

Funny thing. That changes when you get all big and grown up and mature-ish. The holidays just whoosh up and whoosh on by before you can hardly catch your breath. Pregnancy does little to slow this down. In fact it might actually catalyze the process. I'm looking into it.

What I am trying to say is...Here it is already December 11th and I have JUST started thinking about getting my Christmas cards out. Yowza! At this rate, my Christmas cards might be more like Valentine's Day cards.

Thank goodness someone is going to make things easy on me this year. That "someone" is Shutterfly and their awesome blogger promotion! I have never actually used Shutterfly before, but all my bloggy buddies have been singing their praises. I have to admit, I'm tapping my toe to the tune. I not only get to turn over the creative process to the professionals and have one less thing weighing on my brain and to-do list, but I can also pick holiday cards that will gracefully squeak me by the late date. Whew!

I'm loving these Christmas photo cards as they are blue and perfectly acceptable to be sent out in January. Plus, since we were not able to get family pictures done this year, all the little squares will allow me to smoosh everyone in on one card.

And if I am worried about the extra cost of postage to mail square Christmas cards, Shutterfly has it covered. They also offer the same idea just in a 5x7 format. Perfect!

While I was on the Shutterfly website I couldn't resist peeking at the birth announcements as it is only a matter of weeks before I will be in need of some. I used to insist to myself that my birth announcements needed to be handmade, but who has time for that with four kids? Not this mama.

How sweet and simple is this? Of course with three older siblings, we are going to need room for more than one picture.

Thanks to Shutterfly I just might get my Christmas cards out yet! Merry Christmas to me!


Sami said...

See, I look at how cute the Shutterfly cards are, and now I'm wishing I would have taken advantage of this. Mine, could have been better.
You'll see...

Sarahie said...

Yeah, I had every intention of sending out cute cards this year! Of course, like every other year, they get pushed aside and procrastinated! Maybe this year I'll manage some Happy New Year cards. I'll have to go check out Shutterfly. Snapfish has some pretty good deals too. Thanks for the idea!

Impulsive Addict said...

I saw this promotion too but I was too lazy to make a post about it and wait. HOW BAD IS THAT?

Sometimes I just flat out suck.

cbusch said...

I Love Shutterfly and have used them the last few years. I took advantage of there blogger deal this time and it saved me so much money! I love a great bargin and a wonderful product!

Myya said...

I totally took advantage of this awesome deal. I saved over $100... although I would never have spent that much to begin with it was definitely fun to get to! I think they turned out SUPPPAHHH cute. Did getting my card in the mail make you decide to do it??? I know I am the reason... just admit it LOL :)

Patty Ann said...

I love all the individual squares. It allowed you the highlight each person and gave them their own focal point. What a wonderful idea! Don't feel bad though, mine are probably going out in February at the rate I am going!! I don't even have the tree up yet. Just saying.

Lisa said...

Hey you! I so need to do this too... we shall see if mine get out before Valentine's Day, too!
Oh and I got a card in the mail from Shutterfly offering 20% off baby announcements that you are welcome to have. I never have sent them out before.. don't think I'll be starting this go around!

MiMi said...

Mine turned out great!


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