On the First Day of Christmas My Swap Partner Gave to Me...

The First Annual Holiday Swap hosted by Sami and myself has officially begun!

I've been back and forth in my head about when to start opening my goodies in the HUGE box Colleen sent me. Should I start Sunday or Monday? Sunday? Monday?

The box that I set under the tree a few days ago has been calling out to me like Marley's ghost.


How could I resist that? Sunday it is.

On the first day of Christmas my swap partner gave to me:

A blanket!

Which is a perfect by the way. Every few Christmases I seem to remember to get the kids new blankets and totally forget about my own chilly shoulders and lap. I watch my children all cuddly and warm under their soft fuzzy blankets and grow a little Grinch-green with envy. Problem solved! Thank you Colleen!

I loved the way she "labeled" the gift with a recipe card! Colleen is a Christmas baking fiend and it was a fun little personal touch. See how she wrote "Serves 1"? Take that kiddos! It's official! This blanket is all Mommy's!


cbusch said...

So glad you liked the blanket - I can't wait to see what you think of what is coming next!

Sami said...

I have been resisting the urge all day, but I may have lost my reserve now!

Jodi said...

Last year some friends did the 12 days of Christmas to us and it was so fun. We're planning to do 2 of our little widow neighbors this year and I'm so excited!

MiMi said...

Love that little not that goes with it! :)
I'm waiting for my partner to get her package before I open mine. :)

shortmama said...

The blanket is so cute! I love a good blanket to snuggle with on the couch with my laptop!

Mamarazzi said...

oh my goodness...how cute is the "card" love the recipe idea...very sweet!

Myya said...

LOVE that recipe card idea. Ooohhh & I love cozy fuzzy blankies.


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