On the Tenth Day of Christmas My Swap Partner Gave to Me...

Dee is home from school for Christmas vacation today so he got the honors of opening up the tenth gift.

He could NOT figure out what this was supposed to be. He had all sorts of funny theories about it though.

It's a...a...You know...I'm not sure what you call it, but it's one of those things you can microwave and place on your neck or cold buns or whatever parts needs a little toasty TLC. And it smells wonderful!

Thank you Colleen!

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Myya said...

I've got one of these, well not an animal one, but anyways I totally love it!

MiMi said...

That is cute!! :)

Anonymous said...

I LOVE those things! Even my kids love them! We actually made our own out of old socks and rice and beans. The kids love to have them warmed and put between the sheets by their feet at bedtime. :)

Impulsive Addict said...

I just bought myself something like this but yours is cuter! =)


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