Good Things Come to Those Who Blog

But do I really need to convince you of that?

Chances are, if you are reading this, you already think blogging is pretty fantastic. It's those darn husbands that need the convincing, right?

No dear husbands. Despite what you may believe, blogging is not a modern mass movement to empty your wallets or take attention away from you and your manly needs or to bore you with stories about even more people you don't know. We promise.

Blogging is fun. Blogging is funny. Blogging is therapy. Blogging is connection. Blogging is cheering, sustaining, inspiring, touching, lasting.

Blogging is a way to connect with other women who just "get it".

This year has been one of the loneliest years I have ever experienced. I have yet to make any friends in our new town. I blame some of that on the language and culture barriers and some on how hectic it has been to tend to my own little garden patch of three kiddos and one on the way. In other words, it's my fault too.

How can one feel so lonely when so surrounded and busy? Believe me. It's possible. There has been many a day in the past year that I have felt like my only friends are those I know by pseudo names, digital pictures, and typed conversations.

Does that sound a tad pathetic to anyone else?

Wait. You're a blogger. You get it.

This last year especially, blogging has brought many a good thing to my life.

A chance to record memories and family history.
Friendships with now very dear friends.
Advice, wisdom, and experience beyond my own.
Paychecks earned while sitting in my jammies at home surrounded by my children.
A medium to express and share my self, my accomplishments, my struggles, and my joys with others who reach back, validate, sympathize, and balance me.

And how can I not mention the really marvelous packages (at least the most recent ones) that have floated over to my neck of the woods?

Very thoughtful packages like this one that was sent by Sarah Cardell after I wrote a post about persevering. Thank you so much Sarah. I choked up when I opened it. Can you believe I was already in need of a reminder?

Sympathetic packages like this one sent by Mamarazzi, a firm believer in "Good Mail", from one swap host to another...

Speaking of swaps, packages like this one from Cherie Bakow, my ornament swap partner through the ornament swap hosted by Carrie from The Rowdy Stroudys (who also sent a very thoughtful and fragrant parcel earlier this year that I am still enjoying daily in my car.) Thank you Cherie and Carrie!

And don't forget packages from past swap partners who have become incredible friends and who also happen to know how to put all sorts of fun into blogging with monthly contests and games. I {almost} blushed when I pulled out all my winnings from this box from Sami the other day. How can one girl get this lucky?

The prize for Symfully Sweet Saturday...

...and the prizes for Quince Quote. (How did she know I love Junior Mints?)

And a little extra love "just because". And a handmade card to boot?? Thank you Sami!

And thank you to all of you for the Christmas cards, the packages, the letters, the notes, the comments of humor and genuine love and concern. It has meant more than I can ever tell you through any post or package.

But I'll keep trying...

***The winner of the Snugalicious Giveaway thanks to Random.org was...

Lisa @
Little Angels with Dirty Faces!

Merry Christmas Lisa and Lisa's arms! The snuggie is in the mail! ***


MiMi said...

The only thing I regret about blogging is that I didn't start EARLIER.
So many people in my real life don't understand or can't fathom the loneliness that comes with being a SAHM.
Blogging is a wonderful community and you've sent your share of good mail too! Thank you sweety. :)

Impulsive Addict said...

Girl, I've lived in my white trash town for over 2 years now and I have a total of 2 "friends". When I moved to Texas to teach in 02, I didn't know a single person and after I started teaching, I made some of the BESTEST (yes, I said BESTEST) friends that I still talk to now and see on occasion. However, since being back in Okla (and NOT in the town I grew up in) and I'm staying at home (double whammy) I get super lonely so I hear ya loud and clear. I'm obviously obsessed with parenthesis today. Sorry.

Impulsive Addict said...

Oh, and if you wanna send some of those generous gift-givers my way, I'll love you forever. You've made some REALLY GOOD FRIENDS!!

Myya said...

I love blogging. It doesn't seem too odd to me because I used to work in an office where I spent a lot of time on the phone with the same people & didn't actually see them in person but maybe once or twice a year. I worked with them for so long I felt like I knew them.
Funny that you just did a post about receiving packages... you'll know what I mean in a day or two. :)

Jodi said...

I can totally relate on the being surrounded but feeling lonely anyway.

I'm so impressed by you and all of your blog swapping partners! I only have to send one package each year to my best girlfriend who lives in Seattle and it seems to get harder and harder to get it off every year! My hat goes off to you and I'm so happy to hear you have such wonderful friends!

Lisa @ Angels Faces said...

You are such an amazing girl! I am so glad we are (finally) friends. :) I have to say, I actually felt guilty that the gifts you got in the mail... none of them were from me. I promise there will be one sent your way, but not until little Mr. Stubborn makes his appearance.
Also - laughed hysterically at the mention of 'language and culture' differences. :) Of course I totally understand it, it's just funny to hear! :)

Patty Ann said...

yep, I have been blogging for just over a year and I really wish I would have found it much sooner. I work all the time, and try and do a good job raising my kids, and sometimes blogging is my only outlet. It is where I meet people who have similar interests as I do and who don't judge. I do understand exactly where you are coming from .

shortmama said...

I soooo get where you are coming from! You got great goodies!

Cherie said...

I am so glad you got the ornament!

Looks like you have been "well loved" through blogging!

I hope you have a wonderful Christmas :-D


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