AFTER the Happily Ever After (A Recipe)

Once upon a time...

There was an incredibly beautiful young girl named Evelyn Cinderella or Snow White or Esmerelda or something fluffy like that. She was very kind and oh-so-generous and super duper talented, not to mention one crazy cleaning machine. She was very blessed but this girl yearned for more.

She wanted a fairy tale ending. A fairy tale that came complete with one handsome prince and one comfortable cottage (she was willing to wait for the castle to come) that would be absolutely brimming full of babies.

And guess what? Our fair maiden got exactly what she asked for: a fairy tale ending.

Only problem is she didn't realize "ending" really meant "beginning".

Who knew there was a big fat AFTER to the Happily Ever After?

Some days that "after" part can get a little intense and our fair maiden tries to remember exactly what she had in mind for herself those many years ago. She felt quite certain she had been destined to be a skinny, saucy, stellar housekeeper, wife, and mother.

Hmm...About that...

Like any good story, you can trust that our maiden/heroine will continue to persevere and reach for her fairy tale ENDING.

But some days, she likes to just sit in her cluttered, chaotic cottage and reminisce about those good ol' days of romance and peace and quiet and pumpkin carriages. And on those days she says, "Ahhh, forget it! Let's eat cake!"

All the credit for this idea goes to Mormon Mommy Blogs, but I just had to give it a try. Look how fun it is! And who cares if Thanksgiving is over?

For this recipe/craft/centerpiece you will need:

-2 cake mixes (pick your favorite flavor!)
-supplies to make cake mixes (eggs, water, oil)
-2 bundt pans
-frosting (you could make your own or buy the pre-made stuff)
-food coloring
-an ice cream cone
-cake plate

Mix up both cake mixes. Let your minions peasants crowned jewels in on the fun!

Pour one cake mix batter in each bundt pan and bake according to box directions.

Allow cakes to cool completely before decorating. Mix up some orange frosting.

Cut the tops (or are those the bottoms?) off of each bundt cake making sure they are level.

Smear some frosting on one cake to create a "glue".

Stack and match up cakes.

Carefully spread frosting over entire pumpkin cake. (In hindsight I may not have used such a dark cake mix that can "peek through" and I would have tried to make my frosting a much more brilliant orange.)

Place cake on a decorative cake plate. I don't have a cake plate so I just used an upside down decorative leaf plate. Prop an ice cream cone in the center as the stem. I dampened the ice cream cone and sprinkled green crystal sprinkles on it. I added some fake green leaves I had from another project.

...And they ate happily ever after!


Patty Ann said...

I have been wanted to try it, but I would use chocolate anyway. Don't care so much about peaking through, I am more interested in the taste!! It looks great and the kids would love it.

MiMi said...

That is adorable! The whole post, really, but I wanna eat that cake. :)

iamwoman said...

That is awesome. Here is a friend's story that just got published that I think you should read because you will relate completely...considering, uhm, your shock into the AFTER. Personally, I still like to live in lalaland. http://powerofmoms.com/articles/if-all-else-fails-make-hair-follicles.html

Sami said...

I am in awe of you, dear friend! Your hubby is out of town, and yet you still have your wits about you enough to BAKE?!
I bow to you, Queen Charming! (Isn't that what Cinderella's married name would have been?)

aubrey said...

No kidding, what Sam said...super cute. Good job Fun Mommy!

Lisa said...

OK... I have to laugh at something. The other day as I was stealing your recipe for sticky buns I laughed that you always double the recipe. As I began reading through this and saw that you had 2 cake bowls, I laughed again and thought "This girl ROCKS!! What an awesome mom to always make 2 of everything!!! 1 for family, 1 for mom!" Then I read the rest of the post...
Awesome looking cake!

cbusch said...

I love the photos. That cake is awesome and looks pretty simple to make. I am so glad you shared. Your story made me smile. Thank you.

shortmama said...

That is just too cute!

And I admit that when I first say the upside down leaf plate I thought the cake was sitting on top of jello?! Its Thursday and Im tired...or just completely airheaded

Impulsive Addict said...

Can you please make me one and send it to me for Christmas? Kthanks.


Myya said...

What a cute story. Isn't that the truth that nothing is ever what you really think it is going to be... good thing it is still good though! LOVE the cake... suuupah fun!


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