"...and TOTALLY redeem yourself!"

(Quick! Name the movie I got that title from!)


Remember how bummed out I was that my kids failed to retain the true lesson behind our little tootsie roll project?

Just now, I was cruising around on my blog and Jeigh walked up beside me. She pointed to the picture of Abraham Lincoln and states, "That guy was a great man. The best man in America."

GASP! By golly! I think she's got it!

Me: That's right, Jeigh! Do you remember his name?

Jeigh: ...pause...pause...pause...Umm...Callahan Lincoln.

That's close enough!!

{sigh} It's these moments that make being a mom the best job there is! I mean, come on! Who else gets to "work" with chocolate and reap the even sweeter rewards later?


MiMi said...

I know I know I know!!!!
Harry says it to Lloyd in Dumb and Dumber!
"Lloyd, just when I think you can't do anything more stupid...you go and do something like this. And TOTALLY redeem yourself!!"
Best movie ever.
Do I get a boobie prize??

Lisa said...

What an awesome mommy moment! :) Congrats to you as a terrific mom!!!

Sami said...

Good job, Jeigh!!! I just want to cry when those moments happen, and proclaim: "You DO listen to me!!!"

Myya said...

Love those moments when the give you a glimmer of home that they actually do listen to what we have to say :)


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