Wednesday's Mother

Today I am...

...still shuddering from my nightmare about snakes.

...tackling the laundry before the laundry is oppressive enough to tackle me on Saturday.

...talking to Dee's teacher about the little girl in his class who swindled him out of his lunch money yesterday by promising him a car.

...working to have the self control to finish my chores first before diving head first into this flannel.

...calling my mom.

...racking my brain to figure out how to stretch an already too tight budget that took a $600 car repair hit this week.


...hoping to find a pediatric ophthalmologist for Dee that isn't three and half hours away.

...patting myself on the back that the dishes are already done this morning.

...worrying about how to gracefully address some of the responses I got to my Monday morning proclamation.

...smiling at this...

...wishing I had a friend who lived within a 25 mile radius.

...sure to visit this website.

...counting my chicks before they hatch.

...thinking about my obscenely pregnant sister.

...going to add Mary Shelley's Frankenstein to my reading list.

...curious about how adoption works.

...still a little bitter about that crummy ultrasound experience last week.

...struggling to think positively.

...sporting my "new" kicks.

What are you doing today?


shortmama said...

Trying to resist the urge to take a nap!

Parry's :) said...

*really, really longing for a nap, but hard to do with 5 kiddoes running around
*wishing I was not sick and that I could take medicine to get feeling better, but I am unable to do so at this time
*trying to find the motivation to clean up, but I'm too exhausted!
*I have a secret I want to share, but too scared too!
*going over in my head of all the wedding details that need to be done by next weekend
*wishing I could start om costumes, but the wedding needs to get done first!
*did I mention that I was sick and would really like to be better now??? Well, some of the sickness can stay actually, just the sinus/cold needs to be gone! :)
*need to feed the animals, do the dishes, and some laundry, but I don't wanna!
*going over budget for the umpteenth time just to make sure it'll do us good!
*excited for tomorrow! Pay day baby!
*I need to stop dinking on the computer and get some real stuff done around here, but I prefer this! lol
*learning that I am not the only momma in the house these days, just cause your youngest one is calling for momma does not mean he wants you, he is wanting his other momma (pretend play) :(
*wishing I was a better blogger so that my blog would be more interesting to read, just not good with words though
*don't want to be done with this list, cause then that means I have to get up and do other things when I am finished here, it's my last stop.......but I guess I can't stay here all day, can I??????? ;)

Katy B. said...

Reading your awesome blog and coveting those shoes of yours! :):):)

Patty Ann said...

laughing and wishing I could go home and take a nap. Sadly, lunch is almost over and I have to get back to a very icky writing assignment. (I only wish it was my blog! That is much more fun!)

Patty Ann said...
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Lisa said...

Love it! I'm not doing ANYTHING - well, of course 'nothing' to a mom still means cleaning, taking care of kids, cooking, etc. :)

Camille Gilbert said...


The Little House That Grew said...

Calling mom..essential to almost everyday. Love the shoes too. I am thinking about getting a pair of "cool" kicks this fall..cute ..cute!

Jodi said...

The shoes look even cuter on your feet! Love them!

Bethany @ Organic Enchilada said...

I love list posts. :)

So you practically forced me to go back and look at the comments on your Monday post, and WOW! Was someone taking things a little too seriously or what?? It made me laugh. You shouldn't take it personally. Especially since Miss Anonymous didn't have the balls to come out and tell you who she was. Forget her, and you keep being your awesome, entertaining, REAL self.

Sami said...

I kid you not, that as soon as I read this post earlier today, I got up immediately and threw in the load of towels that has been calling my name for 3 days. Talk about being opressed by laundry just made the voices that much louder. Thanks for the nudge!

Myya said...

Today I played taxi driver. Picked up my neice from school at 10:30 & took her to my sister, picked up my other neice at 2:45 took her home (my sister just had the baby & had a c-section & I am not allowing her to drive for at least a week. I then took her to go visit my mom who hasn't seen the new baby yet because she just had MAJOR back surgery & is stuck at home with little mobility yet. Tomorrow I will be playing taxi driver again, but adding in taking to school & taking my neice to dance class also. I so love that I can be there for my sister, she has many a time helped with my kiddos when I was in the hospital having another. Hope your sister is doing well and that delivery goes smoothly & the baby is healthy healthy healthy!!!


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