Love is Two Dozen Chocolate Donuts

I think a pretty fair indicator of how much your husband loves you is how willing he is to satisfy your pregnancy food cravings.

If he really, truly adores the ground you walk on, he will leap from the warm matrimonial bed at 2 am to go to the store to buy pickles and processed cheese, no questions asked, hail or high water be damned.

If he's just in it for the free housekeeping, he'll tell you to suck it up when you tell him how badly you need a Sizzler's baked potato with sour cream and butter "RIGHT NOW!".

It is the pregnancy food cravings indicator that showed me the true passionate love my husband has for me. Romeo, Edward Cullen, Brad Pitt... They've got nothing on my man.

Six years ago I was pregnant with our first son. Thus far in my pregnancy I had only experienced food aversions. Much nausea, wailing, and gnashing of teeth had filled the air of our little apartment for the space of several months. Joe and I both began to wonder if I would ever experience what every other pregnant lady on TV and the movies does: unexplainable and obscure cravings for ridiculous foods.

Then one night, it happened. At 3 am I woke with the most intense, burning NEED for a chocolate donut. I tried to ignore it, but I couldn't even fall back asleep. Not until I had a chocolate donut. I woke up Joe who was sleeping peacefully next to me. Off to the store he went and came back with two...DOZEN...chocolate donuts.

I ate one.

And that was that. I was satisfied! Back to bed I went, sleeping the sleep of a very content and happy pregnant lady. Joe was left awake with 23 untouched chocolate donuts. Ahhh. The bounteous rewards of true love.

Lest you think his love only extends to chocolaty bounds, another time NOTHING sounded good but an Olive Garden salad. And yes it HAD to be Olive Garden. Since the closest Olive Garden was three hours away, I had little hope that my stomach would be appeased. My white knight said, "Well, let's go!", and off we went on a three hour car ride just to get me an Olive Garden salad.

Truly, I pity those woman who are stuck in loveless marriages. The other day, a friend of mine was telling me that whenever she experiences those intense cravings during her pregnancies that her husband tells her it is all in her head and no way is he going to go get her ice cream.

Joe, on the other hand, calls me often on his way home from work asking if he should stop by Dairy Queen to get me something. Funny thing is...I don't ever really crave ice cream...

Hmm... You don't think he could be taking advantage of this pregnancy thing, do you?

Nah. I'm going to stick with his undying, eternally burning, passionate love for food me.


Jeremy, Lana, Brenna and Mason said...

I sincerely hope that that is not the true measure of the love your husband has for you, or our marriage is suffering! Although I also don't announce my cravings often, and they are never like a burning need for something, they are almost never satisfied. But I'm ok with that... for now.. I'm not pregnant, so it's hard to remember if I'm really ok with it or not.

Parry's :) said...

I had more aversions than cravings with mine, my weirdest one though was milk chocolate with mild cheddar cheese, eaten together! :)

Jeigh said...

I love that story! I have retold it many times. I think it's sweet that he runs out and gets it for you. I usually go and get my own, because I like getting out more than Rex does anyway, but it's not that far to the grocery store for bacon anyway. Ha!

JPK said...

You're hubby is definately a keeper. I'm sooo jealous.... that you could crave and eat food. I'm hoping for one of those pregnancies. What's your craving this go around?

Patty Ann said...

Good post, and my husband is exactly the same way! I don't have too many cravings when I am pregnant, but whenever I did, but would fix it, cook it, get it, buy it, whatever it took to make me happy. I love being spoiled!

Myya said...

What a sweet guy! With my first pregnancy all I wanted was red meat, a great steak is what I craved. We ate out often, you know before kids when you actually have money :) My other 2 pregnancies nothing really was a HAVE to, but heck I love food so anything was always good.

Erin said...

When I was pregnant with my last little guy, I would have killed for a Pizza Hut pepperoni pizza. It had to be Pizza Hut, so we saved up our money (we were dirtier than dirt poor at that point), and finally went and got one. When I started eating it, it was good and satisfying, but not satisfying enough. I finally realized that I wanted to flip the pizza over and lick the greasy cornmeal off the back (you know how they put the corn meal on the back to soak up the grease?) I ate several slices, starting with the back, and when my husband was done with his and just the ends were left, I licked the back of those, too.
That was the weirdest craving ever.

Bethany @ Organic Enchilada said...

I'm pretty sure my husband loves me, but I know he doesn't love me enough to get doughnuts at that hour or drive three hours for a salad. You are a very, very lucky lady. :)

Sami said...

Once, when we were living in Pocatello, I had the worst craving for KFC. The KFC in Pocatello was temporarily closed for some reason, so Roon drove to Blackfoot to get me some chicken. I smelled it and threw up. No more chicken craving.
He was thrilled about it too.
What good hubbies we have!


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