Putting My Club Foot Forward

You know how we all write about "those" bloggers???

You know the ones... The popular ones with beautiful blog layouts, bigger-than-life pictures, droves of followers, fancy schmancy ideas, and loads of time on their hands which they fill by spending ridiculous amounts of quality time with their perfectly dressed and groomed children, building Eiffel Tower replicas out of popsicle sticks or single-handedly saving a third-world village through a handmade headband fundraiser. That or working out and running 15 miles every morning to maintain that pre-baby body for their super hot, super successful "DH", or skillfully refurbishing every piece of wood, fabric, or metal within a 100 mile-radius.

Those ones.

Well, if you've read much of my blog, you know I am not one of "those" bloggers. Where they like to put their best self on screen, I go for a different technique.

If I tried to put my best foot forward this would be the most boring blog on the planet. I could see it going something like this...

"Look, look 13 followers! I did the laundry today!"

Or "Hey! Comment on how I finally got those dishes washed AND put away! Woohoo!"
Or maybe, I would tell you how awesome I was to get this cupboard cleaned, all the while knowing those papers simply transplanted to one big fat laundry basket to be sifted through "later". But I would NEVER tell you that because I am the "perfect" housewife and mother, remember? At least that's what my blog would tell you.
Or I would tell you how I bathe the kids twice a week or how everyone's teeth are brushed or how we {try to} say prayers every day or how perfect my children are.

So. Not. Interesting.

It's so much funnier to see the chaos, the drama, the big fat FAIL, don't you think? That's because I assume you are laughing WITH me, not AT me. Which you are, right? RIGHT?! Besides, sometimes your comments show that you RELATE. You mean you live real lives too???

I love telling you about all the spilled milks and the public nudities and the maniacal neighbor girls. Plus, who wants to hear their own horn tootin' away all the time? Booooorrrring.

And you do get that I tend to be sarcastic on here sometimes, right? Example: my husband are NOT even close to divorce over the $100 I spent at DI. On the contrary, I think he was grateful for all the back-to-school clothes I found. I know sarcasm doesn't translate so well onscreen sometimes, but honestly, in real life, I am not such a failure. Not always.

I don't feel the need to post it on here every day, but TODAY, I want to say:

I mess up a lot and do so many stupid things. I can be lazy and grouchy.


I am a good person. I am a good wife. I am a good mom. I do good things.

Like what you say? Well...

I read to my kids.
I take them to the library.
I work to expose my children to different events and cultures and foods.
I take them to the park at least once a week, if not more.
I try new recipes.
I wash bed sheets often.
I teach those kids to say thank you and please.
I help them make thank you notes when they receive gifts.
I don't let them watch Nickelodeon or Cartoon Network.
I kiss my husband everyday.
I give breastfeeding a good solid 9 months before calling it quits.
I don't let my kids eat tons of junk.
I never forget to feed my kids. (Now, as for my husband...)
I keep taking three irreverent children to church each week by myself because I know it's the right thing to do.
I don't let my kids listen to Lady Gaga. (So what if they know the words to "Single Ladies"?!)
I don't smoke, drink, or do drugs in front of my kids. (Do I need to clarify I don't do it not in front of them either?)
I teach my kids how to fold their clothes, put their dishes in the sink, wash their hands, and flush the toilet.
I enlist their aid in cleaning house.
I make them dress themselves.
I take care of the paperwork and bills.
I try to express to my husband OFTEN how grateful I am for his hard work at his job.
I tell my kids I love them EVERY day.
I teach my children that all people are Children of God and deserve to be loved and respected.

What good do YOU do?

It's not a contest. It's not arrogance. It's not something I'm likely to repeat much. It's just a Monday morning proclamation that behind this cranky, crusty, snarky, lazy, failing blog front there is a mom/wife/girl who is TRYING to do some good in the world.

How about you? Come on. Don't be shy! I know you do good things too! Tell us all about it!


Bethany @ Organic Enchilada said...

I love your blog and all your imperfections, because, yes, I can relate to you. And yes, I laugh WITH you. :)

Today I'm just glad to be back in my own home with my own family and I feel pretty good about having made the kids eat a banana with their Reses Puffs cereal this morning. I am top mom material.

Brittany said...

I love your blog also! You are so honest and real, and I think we are all laughing WITH you.

Today, I am happy to be going to my first day at the gym. Many many more trips there are needed, but the first is a step in the right direction!

Sami said...

If my children stand too long on the kitchen floor, I'm almost certain they will be stuck there. They may know far too many Disney Channel shows by heart, but they know that when they come to me, I will put the computer aside, and hold them, or read to them. They don't have to wonder if I love them, and punishments are never given out without an explanation. They also never have to wonder if I love their dad.
LOVE this post, girl! You make me smile!

Lisa said...

*tears in my eyes* I think I read this the wrong way... I have ALWAYS looked up to you - even when you were flaunting your less than perfect life! And now I have even MORE things I have to try and do better at! I guess that's a good thing. Thank you for the reminder, though, that life is good!

Patty Ann said...

I think the important thing is that you are "real". Not a made up, super mom type that does't let anyone else see her failures. I think, for the most part, we are all real and need validation every once in a while that we don't have to achieve perfection at this moment in time. We really are doing the best we can do, right now, at this place we are in. So, don't worry about the way you write. For people like me, it is so reassuring to realize I am not the only one struggling.

shortmama said...

Im glad you are not a "perfect" blogger...being real is so much more fun!

iamwoman said...

Dear Sweet Evelyn.

You rock.

That's all I have to say.

oh ya.

You really need to stop being jealous of my mad popsicle stick skills.


Anonymous said...

I have always enjoyed your writing abilities and the amazingly clever and creative ways you share everyday occurrences that many of us tend to overlook. You have a gift.
I do have a question for you though that maybe you could address in a future blog.
While I agree that we should be real and not so hung up on perfection that we drive ourselves crazy, I am not always comfortable with how "real" you sometimes are.
I don't enjoy hearing about other people's weaknesses. I feel that I am expected to respond with "Oh no, you're not that bad." Etc.
Why is it that you, and many others, perceive that '"those' bloggers" are only "putting their best self on the screen" or bragging about their
I personally want to be like "those" bloggers. I have many weaknesses, especially with homemaking and I relish the information that they share and it gives me ideas and hope that I too can become like that. I want to be organized, and industrious. I want my home to be a place where people are comfortable and enjoy being, especially my family. I want to be in charge of my life and not live by default. Your blog makes me wonder if that is a bad thing or something to be condemned rather than respected.
Why not embrace their ideas and helps and while acknowledging weaknesses, show how one can and does make progress to make a weakness become a strength? That would be admirable!
Thanks for sharing and keep up the good blogging!

Myya said...

I adore you. I love how REAL you are. You make me feel normal.
I yell way too often, let my kids watch tons of Disney & Nick Jr, sometimes feed them whatever they feel like eating whether it be a bologna & cheese sandwhich for breakfast or pancakes for dinner, BUT I tell them sooo many times a day that I love them that sometimes my oldest asks me why I say it so much. I bathe them almost every single night, If I am sitting down one or two or all three are on me and I hug & kiss on them all day long.
Thanks for this post, it put a smile on my face!

Heather said...

I love your blog. I wish I lived within 25 miles so we could hang out!

I wouldn't worry too much about an anonymous comment. Besides, I love your list about what you ARE doing right. That is the balance that makes you real.

This was my original comment before I read the other comments:

"I may accidentally give my kids sour milk a little too often, but at least it's hormone-free milk!"

Keep up the writing--you are a talented gal!


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