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Is that Fall I can smell in the air??? By Jove, I think it is! It is the first of September after all.

Is it just me or does it seem school begins earlier and earlier every year? When I was a kid September meant back to school. Not August.

Not that I'm complaining about school recommencement moving up. I always loved the beginning of school. No, really! I didn't realize that other kids viewed summer as "vacation". For me and my siblings, summer was unpaid slave labor season. School was a welcome respite from the multiple and spacious gardens my mom grew every year.

Don't get me wrong; I sure appreciated all those vegetables and character-building moments... Well... Maybe I didn't exactly appreciate them back then... But come on, what kid wants to wake up before 5 am every morning to work? Not this kid.

Every September is a trip down memory lane. There are so many sights, sounds, and smells (especially the smells!) that make me think of younger, simpler, more enchanting days. Besides going back-to-school, September makes me think about:

*No. 2 pencils
*khaki pants and penny loafers
*Christmas shopping
*Harry Potter
*Cherry Springs and all the beautiful mountain trees blushing with fall-ish shades
*my little brother, Colin, who was born on Labor Day (ironic, much?)
*the State Fair and Tiger Ears and Farr's bubble gum ice cream cones
*pumpkin baked goods
*my mom wearing her apron and canning up a storm in a too-small and too-hot kitchen
*crisp cool mornings and evenings
*Homecoming parades and football games

What memories, sights, and smells does magical September conjure up for you???


Jodi said...

I have some of the same types of memories. Summer used to be a work time for us too - not get up at 5 in the morning work time, (that sounds awful!) but chores and babysitting etc. We also had some fun camping trips thrown in there! Now as a parent myself, I have (make) our kids help with the household chores and not for money either. They only get money for extra chores they choose to do like wiping down the doors and floorboards etc!! I'll bet you do something similar since you were a working kid also!! :)

So far my favorite things about this fall are: jacket weather, baking bread and baked goods without sweating my you know what off, and my time alone with Jonah while the girls are in school!

Patty Ann said...

For me, We love to go hiking to look at all the changing trees, the sunflowers, canning fruit and especially apple butter. I love fall. It is probably my favorite season of the year!

Sami said...

When I saw #2 pencils on your list, it reminded me of the part in You've Got Mail when Tom Hanks talks about "bouquets of sharpened pencils". I used to LOVE starting school back up too!
For us it wasn't gardening, but my dad always had grand plans for yet another home remodel project, and so I learned how to hammer a nail VERY early on.
SO glad you're back!

Myya said...

I too loved school startng back up. An every day venue to play wiht friends. Plus, by the time school was ready to start my siblings & I were tired of hearing my mom yell at us to "go outside & play!" She must have been tired of us as well. ha!

Lisa said...

Hmm! You have a lot of the same memories I have! I wish it were earlier in the day so I could pinpoint them. :)


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