Maybe I Did, Maybe I Didn't Monday

I'm betting there is a meme out there for my little title and dear blogger, I promise I am not stealing. Leave a comment and consider yourself linked and credited. This is a one time thing.

I notice how often the phrase "I may or may not have..." is tossed around the blogosphere. I've been guilty of using it myself.

Frankly, it kind of irritates me. Grates on me like nails on a chalkboard. That and the word "Okay." at the beginning of every bloody sentence. (I'm going to blame my irritability on my current raging hormonal state and leave it that.)

Here's the thing... I DO use the phrase "maybe I did, maybe I didn't" sometimes on here, much to my own chagrin. And people, I just need to get it out of my system. SO! Without further ado, in an attempt to purge my bloggy system of this over-used term, here it is:

My Maybe I Did, Maybe I Didn't Monday blog post.

I may or may not have slammed the door in the neighbor girl's face after she knocked on my door for the fifth (not exaggerating) time this morning, asking if my kids could come play, and asking "Why?" when I told her they could not. That's why!

She may or may not have come back a sixth and seventh time. (She did.)

I may or may not be wearing the exact same shirt I wore three times last week. And I may or may not be willing to buy any more new maternity clothes. It's only three more months. I can deal. Maybe.

I may or may not have lied to my children today. "No, there aren't anymore Muddy Buddies left" when I knew perfectly well there was a hidden stash in the back of the fridge. Maybe I did...Maybe I didn't.

I may or may not be taunting my nine months and two days pregnant sister by text and Face book today. After being taunted by her little "Ha ha! I have less weeks than you have months!" maybe I waited to have the last laugh. After going nine days over my due date during a record hot July summer with baby Jeigh, maybe I feel very little pity for other overdue preggies. "Maybe you should have thought about the consequences of your actions nine months ago, hmm?"

Maybe I did, maybe I didn't actually build a log cabin replica out of tootsie rolls only days after accusing other "perfect" bloggers of making Eiffel Tower replicas out of Popsicle sticks. Thanks for the inspiration ladies and So what?

I may or may not have taken the Anonymous comment option off of my blog for reasons other than all the foreign spam I have been getting lately. My emotional state may or may not be in too delicate a state these days to take a little well-meant constructive criticism.

I may or may not be hosting a That's-Not-My-Kid Thursday post this week. Maybe you ought to prepare a Thursday post and be ready to find out.

I may or may not be contemplating shutting down my online social life for awhile so that I can focus on my family, children, house, and self for awhile. Maybe I am, maybe I'm not. (I don't think even I know the answer to that one.)

Maybe I did and maybe I didn't throw on some clothes and practically ran out the door to go to CVS after seeing an Intelligender commercial, prepared to spend $35 on a unreliable gender prediction test. Maybe I did and maybe I didn't. (I'll admit it. I totally did. And now I have plans to conduct a few experiments using several different kinds of gender prediction tests, from old wives' tales to the patented products. Thanks for the idea, Brittany! Know of one I should try? Leave me a comment!)

Maybe I did, maybe I didn't already earn and save all the money myself to pay for Christmas this year. And maybe I do and maybe I don't have plans in place for Joes' Christmas present this year. Who knows? Only me and Santa!

I may or may not be weaning myself off of TV, especially Grey's Anatomy. I may or may not have totally forgotten about Premiere Week and I may or may not feel rather proud of that.

Maybe I am and maybe I'm not totally dying to go thrifting again.

Maybe after watching this I'd also like to tell you all how you are all precious daughters of God and that I love all of you and am sorry for ever being critical of any of you and for writing this post which seemed to have the opposite of the desired effect. Definitely-maybe I'd like to tell you that. But maybe I'm also a little embarrassed of appearing like some kind of cheesy, crazed religious zealot or of just saying all the wrong things and only making it worse. Maybe I am and maybe I'm not.

Maybe I am tired of writing this post and thinking it was a dumb idea or maybe I'm not. And maybe I'm too busy with other things today to go back and change it.

So what mights or might nots have you been up to lately?

Hopefully I got that all out of my system. Now, maybe I can stop irritating myself. Ha!


Katy said...

I always say "May or may not have" on Facebook. I may have to do it a bit more often now that I know it annoys you.

P.S. Do I need to sick the blog pitocin on you or would you like me to do a guest post on birth options?

Myya said...

Fun post! I think the maybe maybe nots are a easy way of not actually taking claim to something... works for me!

Ohhh I can't wait to hear what the old wives tales & other gender predictions say about the wee one. Hee-hee I think it is HILARIOUS you are teasing your sis :)

iamwoman said...

I may or may not have accidentally bought a nursing bra this weekend. And now my going on 4 years non-nursing self proudly wears it. I just posted about it. SO embarrassing.

Jodi said...

I may or may not have eaten way too much candy this weekend while driving 1300 miles. I may or may not have kept eating it even when I had a stomach ache!

I'm not on Facebook and must not read enough blogs because I wasn't aware of the may or may not phrase, but I think this was a cute post!

MiMi said...

Well crap. I use "okay" way too much.

Patty Ann said...

Sigh!!! I use way too much "Yeah" and "Okay". I am really not a maybe, maybe not kind of person, but loved your post. It was fun and entertaining to read, so... maybe or maybe not you will have to try it again!

shortmama said...

I like the may or may nots....I use them too, I cant help it!

Lisa said...

I don't think I have used them! Thanks for the idea though! I might now, just to bug you. My biggest peeve is my constant use of the word "anyways". :) And the annoying smilies... oh well.

Sami said...

I tend to use "it's possible" but nearly every time I do...it's something I sure enough DID do.
Inquiring minds want to know...did you pee in the Drain-o?! Did it work? I want to know what this baby is ASAP...there may or may not be a reason behind it. :)


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