Happy Birthday to My Little Brother

21 years ago, my mom was in labor with my youngest brother, Colin...ON LABOR DAY! I still find the irony and humor in this.

Right now Colin is living in Argentina where he is serving a two-year mission for our church. This is his second birthday in the mission field and will be his second and last holiday season spent away from home and family. (Only 7 more months until he comes home!!)

He is my youngest brother, but he is my biggest hero. I am very proud of him for making such a selfless and brave decision to live in a foreign country, among strangers, doing something that is not easy to do for two whole long years! Away from family and home and familiar things no less.

You know how people say something about "saving the best for last"? That's Colin. He's the youngest out of five kids. He's always been such a kind-hearted, good guy. He loves his mom and his dogs. He finds humor in everything, even if it's not very funny. He is a peacekeeper in our family. He's a great uncle to my kiddos and I sure hope they recognize him when he gets home. I hope I recognize him...I hear he's gotten even taller. Is that even possible??

Happy Birthday Colin! We love you!!!


Myya said...

Happy Birthday to your little brother!

Lisa said...

I love little brothers! Of course - that's all I have. :) but they are always amazing and such awesome examples to our kids. I am so grateful that every one of my brothers and bro in laws have served missions (so far) as it is such a great example to me and my boy(s)!!!

Sami said...

My little brothers are my heroes too. Kinda funny how they end up being my role models, when they are 3 years younger, but they are. I love them so much!
Happy belated birthday to Colin!


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