Fumbling-to-Find-the-Fun Friday Flop

You wanna know what's fun?: Going "home" for a visit.

You wanna know what's NOT fun?: Going home for a visit because of a funeral.

Fun: Thrift-store shopping!!

Not fun: Guiltily admitting to your husband that you spent $100 at Deseret Industries alone (and trying not to blab about the money spent at the other two thrift stores, antique shop, and fabric store).

Fun: Eating fresh, warm cheese soup from your favorite hometown bakery on the way out of town.

Not fun: Eating the first bite of your fresh, warm cheese soup and then hearing your son who is sitting in the back seat of the van announce that he has just thrown up.

Even more not fun: Watching, frozen in place with shock and disgust, as he continues to empty his stomach of everything he ate over the past three days...all over himself and the back seat of the van you were planning on traveling in for the next five hours.

Fun-ny: Thinking, "How could I tactfully get a picture of this for the blog without my husband being irritated at my need to share everything about my life?".

Not fun-ny: Deciding it wouldn't be worth the marital discord for one nasty shot of your son and backseat covered in puke only to hear your husband suggest an hour later it would have been a "funny" thing to get a picture of.

Fun: Eating fresh corn on the cob from your mom's garden.

Not fun: Realizing it's all gone.

Fun: Getting home after a trip so you can sleep in your own bed and hang out in your underwear again.

Not fun: No longer being able to ignore this...
or this...
or this...

Fun: Rubbing bellies with your pregnant sister.

Not fun: Realizing for the millionth time that you are fatter than your sister even though she is twice as pregnant. (See how cool we are flashing how many months pregnant with our hands.)

Fun: Getting to see your baby on ultrasound.

Not fun: Having a sleepy baby, pushy placenta, and cranky doctor who is "too busy" to take the time to show you the ultrasound or find out if your baby is a he or a she. I may or may not have cried in my car afterwards out of pure frustration and disappointment. I'll never say! Looks like three more weeks of waiting to get to know my little one a little better. {sigh}

Super Fun!!!: Participating in Sami's Quince Quote game at Symmetry in Motion. Go check it out! It's easy to enter and even easier to get sucked into her blog fun/goodness!

Not fun: Realizing I actually knew this movie whereas I didn't know all the chick-flicks she has done in months past.

Super not fun: Not winning, but I'm not too worried about that this time. I've got a good feeling about this one. {fingers crossed}

What's so fun and not fun at your house these days???


Patty Ann said...

I have so been there!! We have a over the seat holder that we keep baby wipes, paper towels, air spray, and plastic zip lock bags for just that type of not fun occasion! Luckily, they do grow out of the instant mess phase and at least can grab a ziplock if they can't give you enough warning to stop!!
fun: A day at the county fair with the kids!

shortmama said...

Im sorry to laugh at your suffering..but I needed the laugh!

Jodi said...

We've had the "not fun" throwing up today but it was on the floor right next to my bed instead of in the car. There's nothing worse than smelling throw up while you're on the road. Maybe in the morning after smelling thrown up soy milk all night I might change my tune!!

You and you're sister look great - very cute!!!

Terésa said...

I saw your prego sister like twice this last week, but I never saw YOU! You should have called me I could have cut that long hair. That would have been FUN! ;)

Lisa said...

I don't care if it's fun or not fun - your post was so fun to read!!! :) And you are super cute (and super brave for) putting your prego belly online! :) Love your guts!

Myya said...

Oh my gosh I am totally picturing the puke! My middle one did it in the middle of the Verizon store today while we were there picking out our new phones. Oh & the place was nice & packed.

You & your sister are ADORABLE!!! I totally "got" the hand sign before I even read your caption... I am cool like that ya know!

Sami said...

Super duper fun: Texting a gal pal when you need a female opinion because your husband just isn't cutting the mustard!
You're my hero!
So sorry about the puke! Were you able to get it cleaned up before you had to hit the road, or were you stuck smelling it for 5 hours?
Thanks for the shout out! I can't wait until I can announce my swap...a nudge from you was all I needed!


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