I'd like to give the world a blog...

♪♫♪ ...and keep it company. ♪♫♪

Brothers and Sisters! I am here to testify of the goodness of blogging!

Can I get an "AMEN"???

I was thinking yesterday about a friend of mine, Myya, trying to figure out how the heck I knew her. Just when and where had we met? How long had I known her? Then it dawned on me. I know her strictly from blogging. But now we are friends on Facebook. We talk about each other's kids. She wishes my brother a happy birthday. She wonders how I am doing if I don't update my blog and I wonder how she is when I am slacking off on checking my blogs.

Isn't blogging amazing in that it brings total strangers together?!

Can I get a "HALLELUJAH"???

A few months ago I participated in a blog swap, thanks to the gracious Mamarazzi, where I was partnered with Sami. That swap was months ago. But I received more than a package in the mail; I made a friend! A life-long friend from a perfect stranger.

Last week, when I accidentally sent my cell phone on a Farewell Bon Voyage tour in my washing machine, I sent out a hopeless cry for help. Guess who answered it? SAMI! When that beautiful old to her/new to me/saving grace replacement cell phone arrived in the mail only a few days later, I did what any mature lady blogger would do. I turned to my dear skeptical husband and in the most obnoxious and taunting tone I could conjure up I {lovingly} said, "I TOLD YOU GOOD THINGS COME FROM BLOGGING!! Neener Neener Neener!". Now he's convinced.

My friend Lisa and I have met in person like...what Lisa... once? And that was in our swim suits! But it wasn't weird to be sitting with some strange girl in a hot pool while our kids played with each other. I KNEW her and she KNEW me...because of our blogs.

Anymore I can hardly differentiate between my blog buddies and my "real life" friends. In all reality, I probably "talk" more to my virtual friends than my (non-virtual?) friends. I suppose some would say that's kind of sad, but I think it's wonderful!

To all my blog buddies out there: I heart you!

(I would say "love", but that seems so presumptuous, especially this early in the morning...You know what I mean, right?)

So there it is. Blogging is good.



Cannwin said...

I ♥ you too.

Lisa said...

You rock! :) Love your guts! And it's great to have a blogging "neighborhood" that never changes - even when your REAL neighborhood does (and leaves you in the middle of nowhere with not many REAL people to talk to!). I love blogging! Thanks for the little shout out!

shortmama said...

My hubs thinks Im crazy when I say "my friend so and so" and he will be like who is that? Oh shes my friend from blogging...if you dont have a blog you just dont get it!

Patty Ann said...

I agree with you 100%! Sometimes, I get so wrapped up in my life, that I don't get to communicate with any of my friends except for my blogging buddies. It is so nice to have some grownup conversation with people who feel the same way about things as I do! (Oh yeah, you are much braver than I am if you were wearing a swim suit!!!)

Myya said...

Awe what a great post! It is funny because I feel the same way. Oh & I totally do the same thing to my husband. He still makes fun of me but it is all in good fun now & not serious ridicule (I totally spelled that wrong huh). I used to say... my blog friend so & so, but now I just say their name - yep, I've said yours a time or two. All my bloggy friends are now in the pot wiht all my other friends. I talk more with bloggy ones actually, I think because they blog & I feel like I have kept up on their lives & we have more to chat about. Bloggy buddies are the best for sure!!! ♥

Myya said...

Oops I forgot the... AMEN, HALLELUJAH & TESTIFY. :)

Sami said...

HALLELUJAH!!! Raise the roof!!!

I do the same thing! I've reached the point where I can bring any one of my bloggy friends up in conversation with Roon, and he knows exactly who I'm talking about. I may not have ever met you, but I love you as much as I do any of my real life friends.

Mamarazzi said...

blogging is a good thing!!

i feel the same way about the connections i have made, true friendships!


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