Note to Self: Heavy

You know that song "He's Ain't Heavy, He's My Brother"?

You remember that picture I showed you of me and my brother?

Well, he's back (yea!)
and holy moly! Has he changed!


he's not the only one.

That song is right.

He's my brother.

And he ain't heavy.

I am.

Note to self: It is time to get serious about postpartum weight loss.


Couch to 5K program here I waddle.

Anyone want to be my running partner?

P.S. It is humiliating to show this to you all, but it's part of my scare tactic for myself.


Cannwin said...

Oh my goodness. This blog post could be mine... excet for the part about the brother and the mission and such.. but I nearly did a blog post about how much weight I'd gained and then couldn't stomach the idea of posting the photo. I'm about to move and I look worse than I ever have in my entire life. Not to mention that I've started getting zits again! which evidently is a sign that I'm not eating right..

I'm willing to work with you... if we keep it secret ;) and can I ride a bike instead of run? What if I did like 10k on a bike to your 5k on your legs? I wonder if there's an equivalent somewhere.

Sami said...

I don't know about running partner, but I can be your diet and exercise partner! We can text nag each other about what we've been eating, or whether or not we're drinking enough water...
whatdaya say???
I need a good kick in the pants too!

Carrie said...

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh..you are beautiful!

K Lind said...

You are a beautiful woman and I love you to bits! I can't believe how much that boy ... I mean ... man has grown!

MiMi said...

He's tall!
And girl, you've had 4 kids. You have to be a little fluffy. You will get back down. :)

sarajo said...

I am a married woman, but you lil bro is a hottie. Ok, yeah, I said it. He isn't going to last long on the single market, is he? Love the post RM glow. That's what it is, isn't. LOL!

K, sorry for that. I would totally work out with ya, but doesn't work not being close. Once this baby is outta me, I'll start working on it. Blogging work out partners can work, right?

Good luck with your weight loss. I know it's tough, so yeah, you'll do awesome!

Bethany @ Organic Enchilada said...

I feel ya. I am so unhealthy. People might look at me and think, pshfff. She doesn't need to lose weight. But I do. I'm the heaviest I've ever been, and I feel it. It's uncomfortable. And regardless of weight, I need to be in good shape. I bought myself a jumprope the other day. I just have to wait about a month before I can start doing it. Get a head start on me. Girl power!!

Lisa said...

I wanna be your partner! And your hair is gorgeous! :)

Impulsive Addict said...

Um, you just had a BABY! Give yourself a break MISS EVELYN!

But, I am starting week 3 of Couch to 5K tomorrow. Let's go wog! =)

{leah} said...

I'll be your personal cheering section!!!

Yeah Evelyn!! Woooo hoooo. GOOOOOO Evelyn! {insert high kick here...} {which for me is about 16 inches off the floor}


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