I just wrote a long stupid post telling you how much I missed reading blogs and what a bad bloggy friend I was these days and that you should just stop reading my blog.

I just erased it.

It was dumb. Same old same old stupid excuses and pathetic writing.

Here's the gist:

I am a bad bloggy friend.
I have been really pathetic at reading and commenting.
But I don't want you to stop reading.

I do want you to know I think about you all often. (In my stupid post I had started to name names...Never a good idea.)

I hope this new (and improved?...Doubtful.) post finds you TRULY happy, healthy, and busy, in a good way.

Just like me.

I'm coming to grips with it. I'm busy. I may be JUST a stay at home mom but wouldn't you know it, I went and got busy (maybe why I have four kids...*drum drum cymbal*).

Having four kids will do that to a person.

We got soccer games, dentist appointments, eye appointments, doctor appointments, sick and well, dance classes, piano lessons, kindergarten, play dates, zoo trips, museum visits, piano practice, preschool lessons, scripture study, dinners, baths, bedtimes, potty training, exercising, play time, reading time, wasting time, no time, all the time, crazy time, on and on and on.


LIFE will do that to a person. Life is busy. Life is good. And it just is.

I keep trying to write a really thoughtful end to this post, telling you how I love you all and love your blogs and love your comments and just love your faces, but want to make sure my children are my number one priority, but it just sounds kind of uppity and cold. So forget that.

Not the kids, just the fancy ending.

Love you. Love my kids. Peace out.

P.S. Thank you to all who joined in on the Three for Thursday!! I finally got a chance to visit your links last night. I loved reading everyone's answers! It was a lot of fun! Sounds like few of us have had good experiences with epidurals...(Wish I had known that BEFORE I opted to have one.)

FYI: I'm planning to keep this meme going. I'll post the prompt on Wednesday night and post my answers with a link option on Thursday morning (I'll try to do better than I did this week. Yikes!). AND I'll pick a random winner from those who link up each week.

Speaking of...

This week's winner was randomly decided when I took the third letter of my third child's blog name, "Elle", and looked on my phone to see what number L was associated with on the dial pad.

That would be #5! Congratulations to M (I don't know if you share your name on your blog??) at The Roller Coaster of Life! Send me your address so I can send you your prize (a package of THREE goodies! See how we got a theme going here?)

P.P.S. To She Who Shall Not Be Named and anyone else who had trouble linking up this week: I don't think you could link up because your profile is not public. That's all I can figure out. :(

P.P.P.S. To those who asked where I get my Three for Thursday material...I just make this stuff up. I am the money maker. Got any ideas for me?


Jenetta said...

Evelyn, do you use a feed reader to keep track of the blogs that you read? If you don't have anything you should try Google Reader. It's a great way to keep track of your blogs and feeds and get all the reading done without having to open most of the blogs themselves. I love it! Don't ever apologize for being a mother and being busy. I think it's amazing that you update your blog as often as you do. I even struggle with that and I only have one child. :)

Katy said...


And it's official. I'm live!

Spread the word to all your blog friends. Or just make me a Three for Thursday winner. Either will do.



Jeigh said...

Four kids does that to you, yo. For realz.

Love you, too! It's okay, you could've mentioned me by name :)

MiMi said...

You can't apologize for life. Life is more important anyway!

Myya said...

No apology needed for me. I am in the same boat. Maybe that is why I ♥ you so much, life happens & we are real about it. We can't go on with a post a day (heck who am I kidding, a post a week would be awesome) we just slink away & return when we are ready. Ahhh so nice to have someone else in the trenches wiht me :)

Amy said...

Being a mother is hard work. Especially when you try so hard to not lose the essence of who you are. I completely get it. Have fun with all your time consuming things!

Missy0327 said...

I FB messaged you my address!! 3 prizes! Woohoo!! Missy works just fine for name!! Easier that way!
4 kids are hard work, I saw my Mom deal with 5, it's crazy! Those beautiful kids should be your number 1 priority, so if anyone takes offense to that, then they aren't good friends!

Laura said...

I know what you're dealing with, not only with the 4 kids, but also with the weight loss. Being a full time mom is hard enough work but add to that trying to lose weight, and it's amazing that you and I EVER have time to read blogs, let alone write them! Keep up the good work-- on the kid-raising, the weight loss, AND the blogging. I sure enjoy reading your posts!



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