Three for Thursday

Three favorite words:
1. methinks
2. dramantics (I claim I made that one up. Patent it! Patent it!)
3. breakfast

Three things that won’t be allowed in heaven:
1. Coconut
2. Snakes. Pretty sure Adam and Eve agree.
3. Lady Gaga. If she's there, I'm headed the other way just to avoid her.

Three crafty things I do:
1. Paper crafts with the meanings of a person's name (like accordion books and picture frames)
2. Rag flannel baby quilts
3. witch craft (Just kidding. Kind of. Just ask my kids and husband; they'll tell you I can be a real witch some days. So...possible.)

Three things I swore I would NEVER do when I became a parent, but now find myself doing:
1. Utter some of the phrases I loathed hearing my parents say.
2. Let the kids watch more than an hour or two of TV.
3. Enjoy breastfeeding.

Three favorite quotes:
1. "You get what you get and you don't throw a fet fit." (Dee's NV Kindergarten teacher)
2. "If you do what you’ve always done, you’ll get what you always got." (Mark Twain)
3. "You can do hard things!" (Mom)

Three names I would never dream of giving my children:
1. Aiden, or anything like unto it (Brayden, Kayden, Jaiden, Maiden, Sadan)
2. Steve (Sorry Dad!)
3. Jesus

Three things I plan to do for Memorial Day weekend:
1. Not gain back the weight I lost over the last two weeks.
2. Not start any family drama.
3. Visit graves and try not to wax overly nostalgic or melancholy.

Three blogs I love to visit:
1. Anything by Sarah Cardell. She makes me happy just reading about her journey to find happiness every day.
2. Amy @ Involuntary Smiles is a new favorite.
3. CJane of course.

Three things that make my husband/partner the luckiest man alive:
1. I don't boss him around like other wives do to their husbands. My choice of husbandly persuasion is stormy silence. Thus far it has done little to provoke him into action. Maybe it's time to try bossiness.
2. He married a woman who knew how to make Monkey Bread, Jambalaya, and home made pie.
3. Three baby girls (Jeigh, Elle, and Cee) in a row? That's gotta be lucky. Plus, he'll be feeling pretty lucky when those girls are taking care of him in his old age.

Three Pictures:

Did I mention I am a master gardener now? My first attempt at a garden. I've got lettuce, carrots, flowers, pumpkin, tomatoes, basil, rosemary, oregano, and cilantro growing. Yes, that's right! GROWING! As in "not dead"...yet.

Dee's kindergarten program.

The playroom that will NEVER get cleaned. No matter how much I yell, beg, threaten, bribe, coax, cheer. UGH!!!!

Oops! How did that get in there?! Well since it's there...

Three things I love about this picture:
1. That she has enough hair that it floats in the water around her head like a little crown.
2. She's being oh so modest. Her daddy will appreciate that since I'm breaking his rules about putting naked baby pictures online.
3. How can you not love a chubby baby enjoying her bath pic?!

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aubrey said...

She is so dang adorable!

And I almost said Lady Gaga too... haha.

Wonder Woman said...

"You get what you get and you don't throw a fit" is a favorite around here, too. My oldest sings it to the tune of "That's what you get" by Paramore.

And I just started reading CJane. (Not sure what took me so long) and love her, too. I'm linking again!

Katy said...

Oh man. I laughed so hard at "Jesus" - totally caught me off guard. I was trying to laugh quietly (because Liza is sleeping on my lap) but basically ended up going into body convulsions because the laughter went everywhere else through my body.

I love Cee's thumbs on her boobies.

And I love your garden. I am very impressed and I hope the pumpkins end up being bigger than all of your containers. Is that long box from your Bunco night win at Angela's or Emily's?

MiMi said...

I was chuckling at Lady Gag...(<--GAG, not Gaga.) getting louder at Jesus and bustin' a gut at that baby picture!!!! LOL!!! She's giving herself a little baby cleavage!

Creating Sarah said...

I agree with everyone! That picture is adorable!

Thanks so much for the love! I get so excited when you mention me. I hope you know I adore you!

You're garden rocks. If it would quit raining here, I might think about planting something too. I probably won't though. Next year.

Oh! And if Lady Gaga is in heaven, I'll question if I took a wrong turn somewhere.

Patty Ann said...

Love this. I use the same line about the fits on my own kids. That and "If you are going to do it anyway, do it with class". You totally made me laugh today!

Brittany said...

Lol, I love the playroom picture!

Good for you for being able to make Monkey Bread. My one and only try at that turned out so bad I haven't dared to try it again.....yet.

Myya said...

This meme of yours is so fun! I need to did it one of these weeks.

That pic of Cee is beyond cute... LOOOVING her hair, LOOOVING her clevage shot & LOOOOOVING her cunkiness. Oh how sweet she is!!!


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