Note to Self: Odds and Ends

Note to Self: Avoid spending the two weeks leading up to Mother's Day as a single mom while husband is out of town for work. Having only the one desire to NOT be a mother for awhile is hardly an appropriate wish for Mother's Day.

Note to Self: Don't get nervous about meeting this lady for the first time today. She's human too. She's human too. She's human too. Wait. Her name is Wonder Woman...

Note to Self: A trip to Mrs. See's never turns into "just the free sample".

Note to Self: Hide the mountain of laundry before Joe gets home tonight. And possibly find the lost remote control at the bottom.

Note to Self: Don't let the babysitter intimidate you into feeding your kids carrot sticks with their corn dogs again. She's only 14. Who is she to judge?

Note to Self: Just leave Elle alone about potty training. She does better without any help from you.

Note to Self: Utah moms live at the zoo, but they are not part of the displays. Don't stare.

Note to Self: Do not use your most expensive perfume that has been discontinued as Nighttime Fairy Dust in an effort to keep away the monsters again. This will only lead to headaches from the perFUMES every time you walk into the girls' room and increased numbers of children in your bed at night.

Note to Self: Do a good deed. Help someone in need. Make sure to go VOTE on Brooklyn's Playground every 24 hours until May 10th.

Note to Self: Don't allow yourself to be wooed by the baby's cuteness at 3 am anymore. I don't care how much she coos, smiles, or giggles. 3 am is for sleeping, NOT playing with cute babies.

Note to Self: Have a happy Friday. Joe comes home today!!!


Jodi said...

Hope you have a wonderful Mother's Day - you deserve it!:)

MiMi said...

You. Crack. Me. Up.
The zoo one and the 14 year old babysitter one KILL me!! LOL

Bethany @ Organic Enchilada said...

I love this post! I'm too tired to comment though - like breastfreading, except with more blood. I hope. Enjoy having the Dadman around again - I bet it feels nice.

Wonder Woman said...

Loved meeting you. Of COURSE I'm human. It's my husband that's the alien. And I left my silver bracelets at home so you wouldn't be intimidated. Aren't you glad?

So glad you're no longer a single parent. And I think many a mother wish to be exempt from the duties of motherhood on Mother's Day. It's the one day I don't feel guilty asking for a nap, or letting Superman cook, or asking him to change diapers.

Lisa said...

How fun! Love it!


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