Note to Self: Halloween 2011

This is what the kids decided they wanted to be for Halloween...as of May 1st.

Dee.....Papa Bear
Jeigh.....Mama Bear
Elle.....Goldilocks (of course!)
Cee.....Baby Bear

Say it with me now: "Aaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh!"

List of things for the real Mama Bear to do:

1. Remember this idea for the next six months.
2. Learn how to sew before October.
3. Keep an eye out for stray bears or at least bear costumes.
4. Make sure Elle's locks stay "goldy".


sarajo said...

That is a super cute idea! Good luck with the sewing! :D

MiMi said...


Jodi said...

That is a darling idea! What clever little children~!

It would be super easy to turn a brown sweatsuit into a bear costume! Walmart always has cheap sweatshirts/sweatpants. You could make little felt ears on a headband, add a cute piece of felt for their belly (maybe pink for the girls and light brown for Papa Bear?) and give them cute little tails using big brown puffy balls from the fabric store!

Aw, I love Halloween costumes! I think homemade are always the cutest and although I'm not a sewer, I like to improvise and see what I can come up with!:)

Carrie said...

You are so lucky to have me as a friend! I am the expert on the 3 bear costumes..because well, we were just that a few Halloweens ago (er...7 maybe). I'll dig around for a picture and send you one! I simply made the bear hats and paws and then everyone can wear normal clothes (instead of the whole shabang).

Bethany @ Organic Enchilada said...

Good luck with that to do list. I'd forget for sure!

Sami said...

I love it! I usually like to dress my kids as a theme. I just wonder how much longer I have before they don't go along with my whims anymore...

Lisa said...

How cute! :) Love that idea!

{leah} said...

Just tell them that you made invisable costumes and that only really cool people can see them...

And DON'T read them "the emperors new clothes" before that.


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