Who Says Time Out Tuesday Has to Be on Tuesday?

It's Saturday. Perfect time to link up for Time Out Tuesday with my new bloggy buddy, Amy at Involuntary Smiles.

(I meant to do it last week. But I got busy. I meant to do it this week, but I had a theme going and just couldn't break away from my self-inflicted rut.)

Since Joe has been out of town for the last two weeks there has been no such thing as Time Out. I've tried to squeeze some "Me Time" in after the kids go to bed by watching episodes of The Office on Netflix or getting some writing done. But being on Mommy Duty 24-7 for two weeks straight takes its toll. Even these things did little to make me feel refreshed and refilled.

Joe's home now. And even though I have the chance to escape now...I don't want to.

These are the times that I really love being a mom when I have my husband here and we are working as a team to raise the little family we created together. As soon as he walks in the door I can feel myself relaxing...literally, physically and emotionally.

Happiness is being reunited as a complete family, laying in the grass in our yard, soaking in a mild Spring evening.

Time Out for Mommy will have to wait until later.


MiMi said...

Time Out is when you have the time to enjoy your little family...even if you are with them and loving on them every second of the day...if your hubs is home and you are relax and able to see your blessings rather than be trampled by them? That's perfect. : )
Hope you have a wonderful Mother's Day!

A Randomlicious Blog for the Soul said...

I'm on Mommy duty 24/7 so I know how you feel! Love when the hubby's home it just takes the load off and the kids love to see him.
What would we do without our favorite men?!

Patty Ann said...

I think time out can be whenever you are doing exactly what you want to do. Hope your day is wonderful.

Lisa said...

Good for you for enjoying them! Hope your Mother's Day was grand!

Amy said...

I am so glad for you to have the calvary home! That would be exhausting. And I think marriage is so much better when both people are working as a team. Thanks for linking up this week. Oh, and P.S. You won! Please get me your address so I can pass it along to Sue.

Sami said...

I've been meaning to link up with this for the last two weeks too! I guess I might need to put myself in time out tonight so that I actually have something to post tomorrow...
Darn. :)

Myya said...

Man I was supposed to link up too, Sami made me feel better, maybe we both need a time out. LOL.

I love how your described your hubby being home. It is the same when mine is home, which is hardly ever so that is the nice thing about when he is home.


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